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четверг, 10 мая 2012 г.

Two football players provided “non-human” urine samples for drug testing

The National Football League banned the linebacker D. J. Williams and Ryan McBean, a defensive lineman, of the team Denver Broncos for violation of steroid policy. These football players were suspended from 6 games. But they were not suspended for usage of steroids. They didn’t test positive for steroids or other forbidden drugs. They were accused in providing “non-human” urine samples to the officer of drug testing.
D. J. William affirmed that he had never tested for any prohibited substance during eight years of his career. The football player noted that he was proud of his records. The linebacker of the NFL noted that he was also proud of his manner in that he conducted himself, being a sportsman.
Peter Schaffer, the defensive attorney for McBean, stated that the NFL had violated rights of this player. He noted that since McBean had never tested positive for any forbidden preparation, the NFL didn’t have any right to sentence him to suspension.
Peter Schaffer said that he desired to make it clear that neither D. J. Williams, nor Ryan McBean tested positive for forbidden substances.
A lawsuit was filed in Denver County Court against bans of these football players.
D. J. Williams and Ryan McBean stated that the drug testing officer had violated some rules connected with the procedure of collecting urine samples.
Peter Schaffer mentioned that certain similarities had been between his client and Ryan Braun. Braun won his appeal connected with his suspension from 50 games for usage of testosterone. Ryan Braun could prove that Dino Laurenzi, the drug testing officer, violated steroid policy.
As for Laurenzi, different anti-doping agencies defended and supported him. The WADA also supported this drug testing officer. It was said that there was the same procedure of collecting and sending urine samples not only for the MLB but also for the WADA.
But as for the drug testing officer that collected samples of Williams and McBean, he was treated in another way. He was fired by the NFL for improper doing his duty.
At the hearing the NFL administrators acknowledged that the drug testing officer violated the chain of custody for urine samples.
Nonetheless, the appeal on behalf of the players was rejected.

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