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суббота, 26 мая 2012 г.

Death of a teenager was probably caused by steroids

Georgina Howarth, a pathologist, confirmed that the death of Mohammed Belkhair, a 19-year person, had been caused by application of anabolic steroids. She noticed that anabolic steroids had caused heart failure that had resulted in the death.
According to the doctor Howarth, if this young guy had not used steroids, he would have lived today. She confirmed that intake of steroids was the only cause of the death. The pathologist noticed that the death of this teenager was a lesson for every person to be far from such products.
The sister of Mohammed Belkhair found him vomiting in his room on May, 2011. The teenager admitted that he had utilized steroids. The death occurred at the same day. It was reported that steroids had been presented in his system.
According to some articles, DHEA and Tamoxifen were two steroids that were found in the system of the boy. DHEA is sold overall in Britain and in the USA.
But actually, the news is misleading. Tamoxifen doesn’t belong to anabolic steroids. It has been initially introduced to treat persons who have breast cancer. It has become widespread among sportspeople and bodybuilders that take steroids due to its ability to prevent aromatization of other products.
It seems to be curiously but nothing was noted about arrest of Mohammed Belkhair. This factor might contribute in his death. This boy was arrested on the night before his death by police officers. 4 various anabolic steroids were found in his room. But the names of the steroids were not mentioned.
Although the police encounter and arrest occurred certain hours before the death of Mohammed Belkhair, the doctor Georgina Howarth didn’t investigate these conditions. Moreover, she didn’t provide any explanation about this condition. Police officials released nothing too.
Since it was announced that Mohammed Belkhair had purchased steroids online, the news linked with risks of purchasing steroids per internet were spread in the country. Thus, it turned out to be convenient for altering the laws in order to make ordering of steroids per internet illegal in Britain. The British government plans to make personal importation of steroids per mail and per internet illegal. It will be in near future. However it is said that these laws will be enacted before the 2012 Olympics, they are not still enacted.

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