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среда, 23 мая 2012 г.

Jay Cutler says that steroids are not everything in bodybuilding

Bodybuilding doesn’t belong to glamorous sports. Any bodybuilder may support this affirmation. People that are involved in bodybuilding spend much time at gyms, training; they prepare proper food and make continuous researches. What is this work done for? – Only for 30 seconds on stage. Undoubtedly, if bodybuilders achieve high results, they obtain awards, praise, and admiration of others. Their pictures are posted on covers of fit magazines. They become celebrated.
Unfortunately, the most of bodybuilders never achieve this level because it is needed much work and money for this purpose. But any bodybuilder hopes to achieve this level: to be a top bodybuilder, to receive money and other prizes. If you have any interest to find out what is required for success in bodybuilding, you can look at Jay Cutler and certain other individuals. You can also learn role of steroids for achievement of success in bodybuilding.
Jay Cutler is one of the most famous bodybuilders in history. In addition to this fact, he has received Mr. Olympia titles 4 times. This person spends much time for sports. He claims that he doesn’t make plans. He eats around the clock. Jay Cutler consumes 4, 000 – 7, 000 calories per day. Chicken breasts are at the center of his many meals.
It is interesting to mention that Jay Cutler spends more time for eating than for workouts. He lifts for about 2 hours and gets cardio an hour per day. Cutler confirms that his day differs significantly from thoughts of people about it. Those that are not involved in bodybuilding think that bodybuilders train 8 hours per day. They suggest that if they apply steroids, they will have the same appearance like professional bodybuilders.
Jay Cutler claims that steroids are not everything in bodybuilding but they have a great role in it. He claims that if anyone wants to achieve obvious success in sports, he/she should apply steroids. Ron Stevens, who is in the sport 15 years, supports the statement of Jay Cutler about steroids. He notes that it is impossible to compete without intake of these drugs. After some shows Ron Stevens made the decision to take steroids.
Stevens is a dedicated bodybuilder as well. He consumes much food that could be enough for a family that consists of five members.
The most of bodybuilders don’t have great supplement contracts. They don’t have sufficient money in order to support their efforts and obtain titles of Mr. Olympia.
In fact, the most of serious bodybuilders have regular jobs and dream that they will reach evident success one day.
As for Jay Cutler, he had two jobs. He worked and spent each dollar he got for bodybuilding. Finally, he obtained great success. His every effort was paid off.
Thinking over Jay Cutler, any bodybuilder can be encouraged to hope that he will succeed greatly one day. Infamous bodybuilders may dream at least.

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