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суббота, 28 апреля 2012 г.

Different attitudes to Justin Gatlin and Dwain Chambers

Two sprinters who have served suspensions plan to show that they are able to compete successfully without application of steroids. They desire to participate in the 2012 London Olympics. Justin Gatlin, an American runner, and Dwain Chambers, a British runner, want to show that they may win, competing clean.
They have already manifested that they are worthy to be called “Olympic champions”. While Justin Gatlin has received the gold medal, Dwain Chambers has won the bronze medal in the 60 meter sprint a1t the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championship in Turkey.
Justin Gatlin was invited to professional sports again by the USA Track and Field and the US Olympic Committee. These 2 agencies noticed about their attitude to this runner, supporting him.
As for Dwain Chambers, it is unclear yet whether he will be allowed to take part in the Olympics. This sprinter wasn’t so supported, as Justin Gatlin was. Chambers experienced cold response from the British Olympic Association (BOA). This runner’s comeback to sports induced the decision of the BOA to ban sportspersons that have been caught taking steroids from the Olympics forever.
The World Anti-Doping Agency has warned the BOA that this decision didn’t meet criteria the WADA laws linked with prohibited drugs. The BOA decided to war on WADA and to prevent participation of Dwain Chambers for the United Kingdom in the Olympics. The BOA has taken the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).
so, while Justin Gatlin was supported by the US Olympic Committee, Chambers’ case was not pleasant.
Justin Gatlin has never acknowledged that he had used steroids knowingly. But Chambers took the entire responsibility for usage of steroids.
The American sprinter tested positive for testosterone in April 2006. This athlete’s world record was annulled after the results of testing had been proclaimed. At the beginning this athlete was banned for 8 years. Later his suspension was reduced by half due to cooperation with the USADA.
Justin Gatlin didn’t admit that he had used steroids knowingly. He blamed his masseuse for application of a testosterone cream during a massage.
On the contrary, Chambers acknowledged that he had applied steroids and taken the whole responsibility for the violation of steroid laws. He was sentenced to 2-year ban. This runner lost all medals he got since 2002.
Various attitudes to these runners have displayed the difference between perceptions of sportspersons who have taken steroids by anti-doping officials in the USA and in the UK.

Everyone surprises that just two consumers of steroids made the list of the most unloved Seattle’s athletes

A list of the most scorned athletes of Seattle was written by the Seattle post-intelligencer newspaper. Taking in consideration attitude to steroid use, it is astonishingly that only 2 users of steroids  were included in the list. Usage of steroids by these 2 sportspersons was not the reason to include them in the list of the most hated athletes of Seattle. Nevertheless, it must have influenced.
These two athletes from the list were “The Boz” Bosworth and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez.
It became clear that Bosworth was a steroid user after Nandrolone metabolites had been found in his urine sample in 1986. Brian Bosworth was one of the other 20 football players who were caught using prohibited medications in 1986. It led to Bosworth’s ban to play for Oklahoma Sooners in 1987.
Brian Bosworth reported that he had used Deca Durabolin that had been recommended by his health care provider in order to receive recovery from an injury. This athlete claimed that it was the first time that he utilized steroids.
Bosworth got the 1985 and 1986 Butkus Award.
Bosworth came in connection with Seattle, when he signed with the Seahawks a 10-year contract. But his career was interrupted by an injury. He retired from professional football in 1989 after he had played 24 games for this team. His case was claimed to be one of the most significant busts in NFL history.
Another athlete that was named in the list of the most detested Seattle’s athletes was Alex Rodriquez. He got the nickname “A-Rod”. The nickname was given by a Seattle Mariners’ player. Alex Rodriquez had a evident success in Seattle. This baseball player came to the Seattle Mariners right after High School at the age of 17. Everyone was surprised by his skills. Alex Rodriquez played for the Calgary Cannons and the Tacoma Rainiers. He continued to succeed but he left Seattle because of desire to obtain more money. It made him the most hated Seattle’s sportsperson. He signed a contract with the Texas Rangers in 2000. It was the most profitable contract that had ever been signed in sports history.
The news that was pronounced in February 2009 shocked everyone.  It was noted that Alex Rodriquez tested positive for the anabolic steroids Testosterone and Primobolan during a testing in the MLB.
The writer Roberts wrote in her book connected with Alex Rodriquez that he had applied steroids in high school to bulk up.
Alex Rodriquez acknowledged that he had utilized anabolic steroids but he mentioned that he had administered them only from 2001 to 2003.
In fact, there were certain other reasons that caused the fact that Alex Rodriquez and Brian Bosworth were included in the list of the most despised sportspersons of Seattle. But their links with steroids gave possibility to blame these persons again.

вторник, 24 апреля 2012 г.

A distributor of steroids arranged a face-to-face drug deal with an undercover police officer

A person from Canada was busted after he tried to sell steroids to a man that turned out to be an undercover police officer. The police officer responded to online advertisements of this drug dealer. He was a man of 21 years old who decided to host advertisements about steroids on internet in order to induce selling these illegal medications. He believed that it was the easiest and the most efficient method to increase sales.
The Guelph Police Department responded to the advertisements via email on in an undercover way. It was scheduled a direct purchase in the parking lot of a local gym. As a result, the distributor of steroids was arrested. Four various anabolic steroids at worth of circa 650 dollars were seized. This man faced certain counts connected with possession and intentions to sell illegal products.
Kijiji belongs to the online auction eBay. Although Kijiji isn’t very popular in the USA, it is quite well-known in some other countries, including Canada. has utilized marketplace for illegal sales of steroids during some years. The Drug Enforcement Administration supplied eBay with a list of Scheduled III controlled substances that needed to be used as a filter in order to avoid hosting advertisements connected with illicit medications. Several drug dealers could bypass the filters, listing these products as “steroid books” or “steroid DVDs”.  
In spite of the fact that Kijiji is subsidiary to Ebay, it doesn’t have any filter to prevent inducing sales of illegal medicines. It posts advertisements related to steroids and promotes selling products of such underground labs based in Canada, as Lufsen, Lifesci, Mesodyne and Olympic Labs.

Newsworthy factors: Testosterone Cypionate results that induce applying it
There are certain conditions that induce taking this drug. Testosterone Cypionate results are usually connected with improvement of relationships with partners because of stimulation of sex drive and acquiring of better appearance due to  enhancement of hard muscles. It is known that men who have decreased testosterone production can have bad relationships with their partners because of reduced libido. Reduced testosterone level has its negative impact not just on medical condition but also relationships. That’s why it is not surprisingly that attention of males who experience reduced production of androgens is drawn by Testosterone Cypionate results that can be got by them, causing enhancement of libido and better look.

Jose Canseco is criticized by numerous individuals

Jose Canseco, a former professional baseball player, was claimed to be one of the most scorned individuals in steroid era of baseball. The former player was pushed out professional baseball after he had identified several well-known baseball players as consumers of steroids in his book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big”.
Everyone is against Jose Canseco. It is noted that if anybody supported him, it would be Steven Kettman. This person has been a co-author in writing the book of Canseco “Juiced”. But Kettman didn’t defend the former baseball player. Furthermore, he was on the opposite side. Being a guest of the Huffington Post, this writer pronounced several ridiculous words about Canseco’s latest incident related to anabolic steroids.
Jose Canseco tries to return to professional baseball. He has been invited to play for the “Tigres de Quintana Roo” of Cancun. This team is a part of the Mexican Baseball League. Playing for the “Tigres de Quintana Roo” would be the following stop of Canseco for returning to the MLB.  
But his comeback to professional baseball has turned to be unsuccessful due to usage of Testosterone Cypionate and Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)  for testosterone replacement therapy. A lot of pieces of news report that Jose Canseco has tested positive for steroids and has been suspended for application of steroids. But this isn’t true. Jose Canseco has claimed that he has only needed to present some documents that have supported his therapeutic need to be on TRT in order to be in Mexican Baseball League.
Steven Kettman doesn’t believe that the story about TRT is true. He claims that Jose Canseco should stop humiliating himself. This writer notices that Jose Canseco must discontinue acting so, as if he were a cartoon character.
Kettman didn’t make any distinction between medical Canseco’s need to take steroids for TRT and those that administer forbidden medications for performance-enhancing effects.   Kettman notices that Jose Canseco continues to take forbidden medicines in order to induce enhancing performance.
Kettman has tried to disparage some myths related to steroids in the book “Juiced”. The book defends usage of steroids for therapeutic purposes and promotes application of these products for hormone replacement therapy in elder patients.
It is claimed that the most controversial words of the book are those where authors mention names of Mark McGwire, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Giambi, noting that these professional baseball players take unfair advantages due to administration of steroids.
Not only Kettman has distanced himself from the book “Juiced”. Canseco has also claimed that he has nightmares about steroids since writing the book and that he repents about identification of these baseball players. He asked some of them for apologizing.
ESPN sportswriters criticize the former professional baseball player for desire to distance himself from the own bestseller.

понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

A former cop has to serve 6 months in jail for leaking confidential information

The former West Chest Police Department David Busemeyer tried to convince a judge that his addiction to anabolic steroids had caused his corruption. But the former cop was not able to convince the judge. As a result, the former police officer received a half of a year in jail. David Busemeyer was pleaded guilty to leaking confidential information of the Police Department that began an investigation linked with a steroid dealer.
David Busemeyer claimed in the court that he had been wrathful and confused due to his addiction to steroids.
The defense attorney of David Busemeyer tried to convince the judge that his client had to be cured from his addiction. He attempted to argue that it would be the most appropriate sentence for this individual’s crime.
According to some court documents, David Busemeyer took steroids for 4 years. Moreover, the former police official used 10-15 pain pills under prescriptions to relieve pains caused by steroids.  
But the judge rejected such excuse. It seemed at the beginning that he wanted to hand down even heavier sentence but then he gave a lighter sentence because he had to take into account sentencing guidelines.
The judge Spaeth affirmed that David Busemeyer had imperiled own safety and safety of other police officers. He put at risk reputation of the whole police department.
 It became obvious that David Busemeyer had extra-marital relationship with the sister of the drug dealer who was investigated by police officers. David Busemeyer informed his girlfriend and his brother that an investigation to bust the distributor of steroids started to be conducted.
Although David Busemeyer didn’t say the name of the informant, he presented enough information to define who he was.
Police officials raided Busemeyer’s house and found steroids and evidence of his Administartion of steroids.
It was chosen not to prosecute the former police official for possession of steroids and fake prescriptions for application of these medicines.

Interesting truth about offers of Naposim
Offers of Naposim are pharmaceutical companies that manufacture this product as well as just suppliers that buy it from these companies and sell it. This preparation is widely manufactured around the world. You can find it under various other names. Such companies, as Terapia (Romania), La Pharma, Atlantis Miracles BioTech, British Dispensary, Macianocorperative are just some of numerous companies which provide this drug. Some offers of Naposim present possibilities to get this medicine, applying discount cards. They also present information connected with this remedy. Thus, you can buy this preparation at online pharmacies.

It is unclear whether Jose Canseco will play professional baseball again

Jose Canseco didn’t agree to submit to a urine analysis for steroids, when he tried to come back to the Mexican Baseball League. It was earlier claimed that the “Tigres de Quintana” of Cancun agreed to give him the 2nd  chance and invited him to play.
This baseball player refused to submit to testing for steroids which had to be conducted by officers of the Mexico’s National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE). CONADE is government agency that controls Olympic sports in Mexico.
Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Meza, the chief executive officer of this baseball team, confirmed that Jose Canseco would not be allowed to play for the team because he had admitted that he used prohibited medications.
Jose Canseco admitted that he was on testosterone replacement therapy under supervision of a health care provider in the US. He said that he was on TRT since 2008. Jose Canseco was not surprised by the requirement to submit to urine analysis for steroids. This sportsman wrote on his Twitter account last month that the Minor League Baseball would conduct testing for prohibited products.
As it is known,  a sportsperson may use steroids for TRT and compete, if he/she has obtained a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). A TUE permits usage of banned medications, if it is supported by medical conditions.
It is obvious that Jose Canseco has prescription from his health care provider that supports his need to receive TRT. But Jose Canseco hasn’t obtained a TUE for intake of testosterone.
Canseco has openly acknowledged that he had a prescription from his physician to use testosterone as a part of testosterone replacement therapy. He reported about  this condition in a documentary in 2008. Jose Canseco claimed that he stopped utilizing illegal steroids and was experiencing low testosterone production that was provoked by steroids. Then his health care provider recommended him administering a testosterone gel to be relieved from adverse consequences of steroids.
It is clear that Jose Canseco’s administration of steroids is justified because he has medical support for application. But since he doesn’t have any TUE, it is not clear whether he would join the team that has testing for steroids.
The CEO of “Tigres de Quintana” affirmed that he had known that Jose Canseco was on TRT but he invited him to play, just getting a TUE.

среда, 18 апреля 2012 г.

Josh Barnett could obtain a conditional license of the CSAC

Josh “The Babyfaced Assassin” Barnett, a former American mixed martial artist and wrestler, has received a conditional license by the California State Athletic Commission to be able to fight. This athlete tested positive for the anabolic steroid that is celebrated as “Masteron”. It was in June, 2009. Analyses of two urine samples showed that this fighter had used this banned substance. It was before his fight against Fedor Emelianenko which was scheduled on August 1, 2009. As a result of his positive, the fighter was excluded from  the event and sentenced to a suspension. So, Josh Barnett lost his license.
This athlete denied intake of steroids or other related substances intentionally. It was the 2nd  time, when he claimed that he had never utilized steroids knowingly.
Several years ago Josh Barnett tested positive for steroids too. After his fight in Las Vegas at UFC 36 in March 2002 he tested positive for metabolites of several prohibited drugs. So, he forfeited his UFC Heavyweight title.
This wrestler was suspended for a half year by the Nevada Athletic Commission. Shortly after he was senetenced to the ban he left the USA for Japan. This athlete fought there for circa 5 years. Later he returned home. As a defense in 2002, this mixed martial artist blamed  a dietary supplement that was offered for sales legally. He said that he had utilized that supplement in 2002. It was included in the list of the controlled substances later, in 2004. This athlete claimed that it had been legal, when he had taken it.
Certain individuals were surprised that the CSAC granted Barnett a license in order to fight again. This person has never admitted that he had applied steroids.
This mixed martial artist  confirmed that a suspended sportsperson had to talk publicly about evils of steroids to participate in competitions again.
Josh Barnett was capable to convince the commission that he thought that steroids represented great evil. He asked whether they ever thought that steroids were bad.

Ben Johnson tested positive for banned preparations not less than 3 times

In case you note about the name “Ben Johnson”, you can observe which knowledge other people possess. You can realize which interests they have and what they think about. They are divided into 2 classes under this circumstance. Certain persons think immediately about the English Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor Ben Johnson. Others ask: “Oh, do you speak about the cheater?”  
Nobody doubts that the sportsperson Ben Johnson said a lie. It wasn’t a simple cheat. This sportsman tested positive for forbidden compounds at least three times. Moreover, it was even after his 2 suspensions and a return. But it said that there has been something special in his cheating. When he cheated, he did it sophisticatedly. He lied such way that everyone was inclined to believe him. Undoubtedly, he didn’t lie in a small village; he did it, when he was in a high position, when the whole world was looking at him.  This athlete was on the greatest stage, when he cheated each person on our planet. Thus, he continued to celebrate his fake winning at the 1988 Olympics.  This  athlete remained to be considered one of the most prominent runners in the world.  Many persons have kept claiming that it was the greatest race that was ever run at Olympics.
Everybody lies in advertisings in shows. But the degrees of cheating are various. There is inclination during competitions to present own goods in a better light. This is not just attempting to cheat; it is a real lie. But as it commonly happens, everyone says that it is done by each person and there is nothing abnormal here. Many people put efforts to justify their lie by the factor that everyone does the same way.
Nevertheless, the argument of Ben Johnson which was stated by him during his defense was quite unusual. He confirmed that the hamburger that was eaten by him was made of testosterone-injected beef. But then he took steroids again. Of course, it was cheating.
If you even take anabolic steroids, you need to have enough courage to admit your administration instead of saying lies.

Do you desire to utilize Nandrolone Decanoate injections? What do you need to know?
Nandrolone Decanoate injections lead to following benefits in consumers: enhancements of cellular respiration, increase of muscle mass, fat burning, growth of sex male organs, development of male secondary features and activation of spermatogenesis. This steroid is recommended to treat persons with certain type of anemia. This product is also useable for HIV/AIDS patients with muscle wasting. Nandrolone Decanoate injections are also applied by sportspersons in order to increase performance. Female users have to be careful because this drug has androgenic nature.

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The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in Britain couldn’t hide from public that her son had used steroids

Jonny Spelman, the son of a celebrated British politician, was caught possessing steroids after he had noted about usage of anabolic steroids on various forums connected with bodybuilding. Caroline Spelman, Jonny’s mother, is a member of the Conservative Party. Recently she was chosen to be the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Steroids were discovered in Jonny’s room at the Tonbridge School in Kent. Since this boy broke International Rugby Board the policy which prohibits steroid use, he received a suspension. The boy turned out to be the youngest rugby player of the Tonbridge who was punished for violation of anti-drug rules.
This boy tore the anterior cruciate ligament of his leg during a match in September 2011. This boy ordered some steroids per internet to receive faster recovery from the injury. This teenage wrote about administration of steroids on some bodybuilding forums under the name “Spelmanjm”. He reported that no one could disturb him to utilize steroids. He noticed that he didn’t intend to discontinue using these products.
This teenage noted about steroidal and prohorone supplements that have been applied by him. The boy mentioned names of following drugs: M1T, SD Matrix, Tren Bombs, Dianabol, Winstrol, Testosterone and  Anavar.
He asked for indications related to application of Testosterone Propionate and Parabolan. He also interested in post cycle therapy with Clomid and Nolvadex.
Caroline Spelman spent certain sums of money in legal and court costs, attempting to disturb publishing about Jonny’s ban by the “Daily Star Sunday” The defensive lawyers for Spelman confirmed that the report would be political under this circumstance. According to their statements, it would be a political attack on the Secretary Spelman. The report about intake of steroids by Jonny would be as a political weapon against Spelman.
Gareth Morgan, the editor of the “Daily Star Sunday”, claimed that there was a freedom for media and published news related to this case in March, 2012.
Morgan claimed that they had become disappointed by the family of Spelman and by her attempt to disturb publishing the sad news about her family. She tried to use her influence for this purpose.
The parents of Jonny expressed words of support for their son due to consequences of doping. He will have possibility to return to professional rugby just after serving of the ban.

Will Usain Bolt break the world record without steroid use?

The chairman of the London Organising Committee 2012 Sebastian Coe thinks that the sprinter Usain Bolt has capacity to break another world record without administration of anabolic steroids or/and other prohibited drugs. There was a discussion about influence of steroids upon increase of performance and winnings.
 But the chairman of the London Organising Committee 2012 continues to claim that the athletes who have intensive and hard trainings rarely succeed due to products that may enhance performance. Coe reports that any person knows that Usain Bolt works very hardly to obtain needed results. This runner has success without usage of steroids. He progresses significantly. Sebastian Coe adds that there are rare cases, when those who utilize steroids and don’t have intensive workouts break world records.
Actually, numerous elite sprinters have been sentenced to bans because they have tested positive for steroids. Three of them obtained the title “The World’s Fastest Man”. They are Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery. Beside of them, such sprinters, as LaShawne Merritt, Marion Jones, Dwain Chambers and Kelli White tested positive for forbidden medications and were suspended.
Sebastian Coe was a prominent middle distance sprinter as well. He got the golden medal in the 1500 meter race at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and Los Angeles Olympics of 1984. Sebastian Coe notices that since he has been capable to break world records without intake of steroids or/and other related drugs, Usain Bolt will be capable to do it as well.
Coe notes that he has broken 12 world records and never used any forbidden preparation.
Gideon Bolt, Usain’s father, has foreboded that Usain will run a 9.4 the 100 meter rate. This time is considered to be the limit of human performance. It is impossible to run this distance faster. Sebastian Coe mentions that it is possible without administration of steroids.

What have you to understand about the steroid Anavar?
The steroid Anavar can be prescribed to treat patients that have  anemia, Turner’s syndrome, hereditary angioedema, hepatitis caused by abuse of alcohol. It is also utilizable for recovery from different traumas, operation, chronic infections and for strengthening of bones. This drug is useable for treating certain growth problems in children too. Moreover, the steroid Anavar is widely utilized by both males and females to add energy and muscles of high quality. It is considered to be one of the most risk-free steroids that are available in our days.

среда, 11 апреля 2012 г.

Effects which have been got by Rampage Jackson due to testosterone replacement therapy

The mixed martial artist and actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson told about effects of testosterone in the interview with Gary Alexander of “Fighters Only Magazine”. He told about his decision to use testosterone, about its effects on increase of muscle size, weight of the body and his sexuality. He said these words after his fail at UFC 144 in Japan.
Rampage Jackson was honestly telling about his decision to seek a physician who could recommend him testosterone replacement therapy. He mentioned openly because he thought that testosterone didn’t belong to anabolic steroids.  Jackson said that steroids were for muscles but testosterone was natural. So, he was mistaken, thinking that testosterone isn’t an anabolic steroid.
In fact, application of testosterone replacement therapy in mixed martial arts is a debated issue. Testosterone is used legally in case of hypogonadism (low testosterone production). So, mixed martial artists who have this disease may obtain a therapeutic use exemption that allows to utilize the steroid testosterone legally.
But the problem that is widely discussed is whether the athlete who utilizes therapeutic dose of testosterone can get unfair advantage during competitions.
The most of sportspeople that have obtained a therapeutic use exemption for usage of testosterone for medical purposes deny getting any increase of performance because of testosterone replacement therapy.
When it comes to Rampage Jackson, he admitted that testosterone replacement therapy had enhanced his muscle size, helped to get faster recovery from his injuries and improved his sexual life. The mixed martial artist claimed that he had had a knee injury. After he had taken three dosages of testosterone, the knee was healed. He gained bodyweight and muscle mass. This mixed martial artist noted that small quantities of the steroid testosterone had produced significant changes in him. His sexuality was improved essentially; he began to feel as if he had been just 25.
Rampage Jackson blamed steroids for his impossibility to lose weight to meet criteria of the 206lb weight category.
Jackson reports that he doesn’t violate any rule. He takes testosterone and claims that it is legally.
He confirms that he is happy that he uses testosterone.

Jose Canseco has begun to have nightmares about steroids since writing his book “Juiced” and continues to experience them till today

The former MLB player Jose Canseco has noticed that he has nightmares related to steroids. He has noticed that he has begun to have nightmares from the time of writing his book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big”. This work reveled administration of steroids by several MLB players. The author has stated on his Twitter account that nightmares linked with steroids hunt him since he wrote the book. Furthermore, he continues to experience them till today. The former professional baseball player compares them with a demon that never sleeps.
Jose Canseco has called himself the “godfather of steroids in baseball”. The former professional baseball player noted in his book about application of steroids by several MLB players quite openly. This book has become a bestseller. The author has identified names of the players that have taken anabolic steroids. Jose Canseco stated that he had been pushed out of professional baseball because of his book.
The former professional baseball player identified such athletes, as Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriquez, Jason Giambi and Juan Gonzalez, claiming that they had used steroids. He also identified Alex Rodriquez and Roger Clemens but he didn’t claim that he had known about intake of steroids by these sportspersons directly.
The most well-known name that has been mentioned by Jose Canseco in his book is the name of the former professional baseball player Mark McGwire that hit 70 homeruns. Canseco reported that McGwire had used Deca Durabolin and Winstrol, when they played with the Oakland A’s.
Canseco noted that he had injected Mark McGwire with steroids many times in the bathrooms and in other places. He noticed that he injected McGwire before their trainings or after them.
At the beginning no one was inclined to believe that these affirmations were true. Mark McGwire denied administration of steroids. But later the accusations were proven. Finally Mark McGwire admitted that he had used steroids and HGH. He said that Jose Canseco had written the truth.
McGwire acknowledged that he had applied forbidden medications and he had apologized about this aspect. He noticed that he was applying them during the 90s. Later McGwire has got possibility to play baseball professionally again. He was engaged as a St. Louis Cardinals’ hitting instructor.
When it comes to Jose Canseco, he dreams to receive the second chance and to return to the MLB. The “Tigres de Quintana Roo” have decided to give the second chance. Jose Canseco hopes that this is his step in direction to the MLB.

понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

Inhaled corticosteroids are useful in case of certain diseases

Inhaled steroids are typically indicated to cure persons with early stages of asthma complications.
According to certain latest studies, one can enhance the typical measure of inhaled steroids by eight times, but benefits will be not increased in such situation. Ejaz Yousef, a physician who has been involved in these studies, notices that if a doctor observes that medical position of a person becomes worse, he/she may direct using oral steroids instead of enhancing the dose of inhaled steroids. Increasing the quantity of inhaled steroids is not without any unwanted reaction. This factor causes various negative results. For example, the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis may be suppressed under such circumstance.  
Application of inhaled steroids was claimed to be alternative to applying oral drugs. It was in 1997. It was fixed to prescribe inhaled corticosteroids as alternatives of oral medications that are useful for persons with asthma exacerbations.
Then, some researches have manifested that application of enhanced measures of inhaled corticosteroids regularly doesn’t enhance benefits.
Yousef and his colleagues have conducted a study which involved almost 200 children of 2-17 years. These children were given inhaled steroids during 3 months. They were chosen randomly for treatment for a period of 12 days. Any kid who suffered from asthma exacerbation was given inhaled steroids. Then the results were evaluated by the scientists.
No any kid who smoked, experienced symptoms of chronic asthma or lung pathology was involved in the study.
Patients had to let know about their side effects per telephone within 72 hours.  Thus, it was reported about cough during nighttime, wheeze, shortness of breath and intolerance  for exercises. Each symptom was evaluated according to a score which was ranged from 0 to 4. 0 meant no any response; 4 meant the most increased severity level.
Only four children out of 82 the kids that were given high dosages of inhaled steroids had to apply systemic corticosteroids. 2 of them were given doubled measures; others 2 were administering the measure that was more enhanced by 8 times than a usual one.
According to the results of the research, usefulness of the medications, placebo effect, supervision of doctors and treatment of individuals during early stages of asthma exacerbation were responsible for getting good results.
This as well as other studies show that not every story about steroids is related to abuse and application of them for performance-enhancing effects. Steroids are utilizable for many medical cases.

Wrestling of High Schools from Connecticut is drug-free

The businessman Mark Mansa from Bethel (Connecticut)  was accused in distributing anabolic steroids to High School students from the Greater Danbury.
But it wasn’t proven yet whether it is so, as it has been suspected. A lot of people don’t think that High School wrestlers have got and applied prohibited medications. High School wrestling is a favorite sport in Greater Danbury area. Affection to this sport blinds a lot of individuals completely. They don’t even suggest that it can be true that High School wrestlers have used steroids, especially anabolic steroids.
Why are anabolic steroids underlined especially? Anabolic steroids are administered to gain muscle mass in short period of time quite obviously. So, numerous persons confirm that while High School students of other sports may have used steroids, wrestlers don’t belong to their group. Their statement has been supported by Ricky Shook, a wrestling coach. His team is celebrated because of obtaining 10 State Open titles. The trainer  confirms that there is no any link with steroids.
Actually, wrestlers cannot utilize steroids or other related medicines to bulk up because there are strict weight requirements that are established and regulated by the CIAC.  
The wrestler Matt Saraceno was asked about possibility of applying steroids by those that are involved in this sport. This wrestler noticed that there was no any possibility of applying steroids. He noted that steroids couldn’t help to store the weight of the body down. He claimed that it was impossible.
So, this wrestler contested affirmations of some persons about possibility of taking steroids in wrestling. Since steroids are taken to gain muscle size, it would be as a negative result for a wrestler that puts efforts to sustain his body weight to meet criteria of certain weight category. In addition to this aspect, the rules related to weight loss are very strict in wrestling. Even unessential changes in body weight can lead to numerous troubles. Sudden weight enhancing and increase of muscles will lead to several problems like sudden loss of body weight.
The CIAC claims that wrestlers should avoid unnatural loss of body weight. Just established amount of weight can be lost during a season. The CIAC controls changing in body mass of wrestlers. The, the risks connected with intake of banned substances are quite increased for those who are implicated in wrestling.
The wrestling coach Shook notes that he doesn’t want to coach those who use prohibited preparations, alcohol and tobacco. He claims that he says these words every year during interviews for the New-Times.  So, the wrestling coach assures that he doesn’t coach any consumer of banned drugs. But if he observes such individual in his team, he will announce about this case.
The trainer Shook says that wrestling is healthy in comparison with its position in earlier time. They have a specified program. They subject wrestlers to urine analyses and hydration. This is the sport that makes more tests than any other sport that exists in Connecticut.
Although the trainer has admitted that  a wrestler could hide his usage of steroids from him, but it is doubted.
So, wrestling prevents intake of forbidden medications. There is hope that it will continue to follow this way.

среда, 4 апреля 2012 г.

The inhaled steroid budesonide doesn’t influence on ocular system negatively

However there are a lot of steroids that cause serious adverse responses, there are also such steroids which cause positive effects for our health. Several recent studies connected with the inhaled corticosteroid budesonide have given to our society certain light of hope. This medication has been taken numerous times to treat kids who experience asthma. It has been believed that this medication led to cataract in kids that took it. But the latest studies have displayed that the risk connected with this unwanted reaction is very low.
Certain experts at the University of Southern Denmark in Holding have led a research to determine reality of occurring cataract in the kids that were cured with budesonide. There was no any cataract in 148 persons that were given this inhaled steroid. Among those who didn’t suffer from asthma and were not treated with budesonide 2 individuals had cataract.  It was reported by the pediatric professor Soren Pedersen from the University of the Southern Denmark in Kolding. This statement was pronounced during a meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in San Francisco.   Soren Pedersen noted that when it came to cataract, there was no any difference between those that used budesonide and those who didn’t use it.
The doctor Soren Pederson and his colleagues have treated a lot of patients that suffered from asthma with budesonide during over 2 decades. There was no any indication that this inhales steroid could lead to any serious side reaction. Kids that were given budesonide didn’t experience any growth problems.
In the latest study 270 kids with asthma were given budesonide; 62 kids didn’t apply budesonide because their parents feared of the consequences. Parents of those to whom budesonide was given said that no any serious negative reaction was observed in their children. 30 of those 62 children that applied the inhaled steroid budesonide felt positive effects in the treatment of asthma.
The experts have determined that the risk of cataract for those who treat asthma with budesonide was 5 %.
Soren Pedersen noted that there was no any cataract or another adverse consequence related to vision during over 15 years of his practice of curing children with the steroid budesonide.
Hyun Don Yun, MD, a resident in allergy and immunology at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, has noted that these aspects have manifested that even long-time treatment with the inhaled steroid budesonide doesn’t lead to any undesirable consequence linked with vision system.
According to several other researches, inhaled steroids have different influence on our body in comparison with effects of other steroids.
It is necessary to conclude that there are steroids that may benefit instead of causing severe undesirable results. It is impossible to contest benefits of some steroids.

Lives of persons with brain injuries may be solved by steroids

The French have conducted certain studies related to pneumonia and steroids. According to the results of their studies, those who have brain injuries can avoid complications related to pneumonia, if they are treated with the steroid hydrocortisone. These latest studies have shown several positive effects of steroids for medical needs.
Pneumonia which is caused by traumatic brain injury is a serious condition. Unfortunately, it is widely spread. The Journal of the American Medical Association has noticed that the percentage of pneumonia which occurs because of traumas is 40-60 %. It is more spread among patients who have brain injuries.
Early post-traumatic pneumonia requires serious medical care and hospitalization. The risk of death is increased. Undoubtedly, prevention of this condition is clinical and economic issue.
Dr. Antoine Roquilly of the University of Nantes in France has claimed that experimental and clinical data have displayed that intake of corticosteroids can lower the appearing and severity of pneumonia.
A research linked with this problem was conducted 3 years from 2006 to 2009. 150 individuals who experienced different types of serious brain injuries were cured with the corticosteroid hydrocortisone. Other persons with this disease were treated only with sugar pills. More than half of persons that were treated with sugar pills started to suffer from pneumonia over the month. As for those who were cured with hydrocortisone, the results were better. Less than 36 % of them acquired pneumonia during the same period of time. So, they didn’t need to be ventilated mechanically. Moreover, they prevented respiratory problems that troubled the individuals who were treated with sugar pills.
Dr. Lisandro Irizarry of the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City has noticed that the study is interesting but it requires further researches in order to be considered a part of standardized treatment.
 Actually, any individual that has suffered from a brain injury can confront the problem, when he/she doesn’t have ability to engage in usual oral hygiene and routine expectorating of mucus. It can lead to great amounts of bacteria. It increases the risk related to pneumonia. So, when a body experiences such stress, as a trauma, certain hormones, including hydrocortisone, must be involved in healing. But this process can be blocked by trauma. That’s why such individual needs an external supplement of steroids for a short period of time in order to enhance healing responses of the body.
However these researches have proven effectiveness of the steroid hydrocortisone for patients with brain injuries, some more researches have to be conducted. It demonstrates that steroids are able to save lives of people in several situations.