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понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

Inhaled corticosteroids are useful in case of certain diseases

Inhaled steroids are typically indicated to cure persons with early stages of asthma complications.
According to certain latest studies, one can enhance the typical measure of inhaled steroids by eight times, but benefits will be not increased in such situation. Ejaz Yousef, a physician who has been involved in these studies, notices that if a doctor observes that medical position of a person becomes worse, he/she may direct using oral steroids instead of enhancing the dose of inhaled steroids. Increasing the quantity of inhaled steroids is not without any unwanted reaction. This factor causes various negative results. For example, the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis may be suppressed under such circumstance.  
Application of inhaled steroids was claimed to be alternative to applying oral drugs. It was in 1997. It was fixed to prescribe inhaled corticosteroids as alternatives of oral medications that are useful for persons with asthma exacerbations.
Then, some researches have manifested that application of enhanced measures of inhaled corticosteroids regularly doesn’t enhance benefits.
Yousef and his colleagues have conducted a study which involved almost 200 children of 2-17 years. These children were given inhaled steroids during 3 months. They were chosen randomly for treatment for a period of 12 days. Any kid who suffered from asthma exacerbation was given inhaled steroids. Then the results were evaluated by the scientists.
No any kid who smoked, experienced symptoms of chronic asthma or lung pathology was involved in the study.
Patients had to let know about their side effects per telephone within 72 hours.  Thus, it was reported about cough during nighttime, wheeze, shortness of breath and intolerance  for exercises. Each symptom was evaluated according to a score which was ranged from 0 to 4. 0 meant no any response; 4 meant the most increased severity level.
Only four children out of 82 the kids that were given high dosages of inhaled steroids had to apply systemic corticosteroids. 2 of them were given doubled measures; others 2 were administering the measure that was more enhanced by 8 times than a usual one.
According to the results of the research, usefulness of the medications, placebo effect, supervision of doctors and treatment of individuals during early stages of asthma exacerbation were responsible for getting good results.
This as well as other studies show that not every story about steroids is related to abuse and application of them for performance-enhancing effects. Steroids are utilizable for many medical cases.

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