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суббота, 28 апреля 2012 г.

Everyone surprises that just two consumers of steroids made the list of the most unloved Seattle’s athletes

A list of the most scorned athletes of Seattle was written by the Seattle post-intelligencer newspaper. Taking in consideration attitude to steroid use, it is astonishingly that only 2 users of steroids  were included in the list. Usage of steroids by these 2 sportspersons was not the reason to include them in the list of the most hated athletes of Seattle. Nevertheless, it must have influenced.
These two athletes from the list were “The Boz” Bosworth and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez.
It became clear that Bosworth was a steroid user after Nandrolone metabolites had been found in his urine sample in 1986. Brian Bosworth was one of the other 20 football players who were caught using prohibited medications in 1986. It led to Bosworth’s ban to play for Oklahoma Sooners in 1987.
Brian Bosworth reported that he had used Deca Durabolin that had been recommended by his health care provider in order to receive recovery from an injury. This athlete claimed that it was the first time that he utilized steroids.
Bosworth got the 1985 and 1986 Butkus Award.
Bosworth came in connection with Seattle, when he signed with the Seahawks a 10-year contract. But his career was interrupted by an injury. He retired from professional football in 1989 after he had played 24 games for this team. His case was claimed to be one of the most significant busts in NFL history.
Another athlete that was named in the list of the most detested Seattle’s athletes was Alex Rodriquez. He got the nickname “A-Rod”. The nickname was given by a Seattle Mariners’ player. Alex Rodriquez had a evident success in Seattle. This baseball player came to the Seattle Mariners right after High School at the age of 17. Everyone was surprised by his skills. Alex Rodriquez played for the Calgary Cannons and the Tacoma Rainiers. He continued to succeed but he left Seattle because of desire to obtain more money. It made him the most hated Seattle’s sportsperson. He signed a contract with the Texas Rangers in 2000. It was the most profitable contract that had ever been signed in sports history.
The news that was pronounced in February 2009 shocked everyone.  It was noted that Alex Rodriquez tested positive for the anabolic steroids Testosterone and Primobolan during a testing in the MLB.
The writer Roberts wrote in her book connected with Alex Rodriquez that he had applied steroids in high school to bulk up.
Alex Rodriquez acknowledged that he had utilized anabolic steroids but he mentioned that he had administered them only from 2001 to 2003.
In fact, there were certain other reasons that caused the fact that Alex Rodriquez and Brian Bosworth were included in the list of the most despised sportspersons of Seattle. But their links with steroids gave possibility to blame these persons again.

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