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среда, 18 апреля 2012 г.

Ben Johnson tested positive for banned preparations not less than 3 times

In case you note about the name “Ben Johnson”, you can observe which knowledge other people possess. You can realize which interests they have and what they think about. They are divided into 2 classes under this circumstance. Certain persons think immediately about the English Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor Ben Johnson. Others ask: “Oh, do you speak about the cheater?”  
Nobody doubts that the sportsperson Ben Johnson said a lie. It wasn’t a simple cheat. This sportsman tested positive for forbidden compounds at least three times. Moreover, it was even after his 2 suspensions and a return. But it said that there has been something special in his cheating. When he cheated, he did it sophisticatedly. He lied such way that everyone was inclined to believe him. Undoubtedly, he didn’t lie in a small village; he did it, when he was in a high position, when the whole world was looking at him.  This athlete was on the greatest stage, when he cheated each person on our planet. Thus, he continued to celebrate his fake winning at the 1988 Olympics.  This  athlete remained to be considered one of the most prominent runners in the world.  Many persons have kept claiming that it was the greatest race that was ever run at Olympics.
Everybody lies in advertisings in shows. But the degrees of cheating are various. There is inclination during competitions to present own goods in a better light. This is not just attempting to cheat; it is a real lie. But as it commonly happens, everyone says that it is done by each person and there is nothing abnormal here. Many people put efforts to justify their lie by the factor that everyone does the same way.
Nevertheless, the argument of Ben Johnson which was stated by him during his defense was quite unusual. He confirmed that the hamburger that was eaten by him was made of testosterone-injected beef. But then he took steroids again. Of course, it was cheating.
If you even take anabolic steroids, you need to have enough courage to admit your administration instead of saying lies.

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