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вторник, 24 апреля 2012 г.

A distributor of steroids arranged a face-to-face drug deal with an undercover police officer

A person from Canada was busted after he tried to sell steroids to a man that turned out to be an undercover police officer. The police officer responded to online advertisements of this drug dealer. He was a man of 21 years old who decided to host advertisements about steroids on internet in order to induce selling these illegal medications. He believed that it was the easiest and the most efficient method to increase sales.
The Guelph Police Department responded to the advertisements via email on in an undercover way. It was scheduled a direct purchase in the parking lot of a local gym. As a result, the distributor of steroids was arrested. Four various anabolic steroids at worth of circa 650 dollars were seized. This man faced certain counts connected with possession and intentions to sell illegal products.
Kijiji belongs to the online auction eBay. Although Kijiji isn’t very popular in the USA, it is quite well-known in some other countries, including Canada. has utilized marketplace for illegal sales of steroids during some years. The Drug Enforcement Administration supplied eBay with a list of Scheduled III controlled substances that needed to be used as a filter in order to avoid hosting advertisements connected with illicit medications. Several drug dealers could bypass the filters, listing these products as “steroid books” or “steroid DVDs”.  
In spite of the fact that Kijiji is subsidiary to Ebay, it doesn’t have any filter to prevent inducing sales of illegal medicines. It posts advertisements related to steroids and promotes selling products of such underground labs based in Canada, as Lufsen, Lifesci, Mesodyne and Olympic Labs.

Newsworthy factors: Testosterone Cypionate results that induce applying it
There are certain conditions that induce taking this drug. Testosterone Cypionate results are usually connected with improvement of relationships with partners because of stimulation of sex drive and acquiring of better appearance due to  enhancement of hard muscles. It is known that men who have decreased testosterone production can have bad relationships with their partners because of reduced libido. Reduced testosterone level has its negative impact not just on medical condition but also relationships. That’s why it is not surprisingly that attention of males who experience reduced production of androgens is drawn by Testosterone Cypionate results that can be got by them, causing enhancement of libido and better look.

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