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среда, 11 апреля 2012 г.

Effects which have been got by Rampage Jackson due to testosterone replacement therapy

The mixed martial artist and actor Quinton “Rampage” Jackson told about effects of testosterone in the interview with Gary Alexander of “Fighters Only Magazine”. He told about his decision to use testosterone, about its effects on increase of muscle size, weight of the body and his sexuality. He said these words after his fail at UFC 144 in Japan.
Rampage Jackson was honestly telling about his decision to seek a physician who could recommend him testosterone replacement therapy. He mentioned openly because he thought that testosterone didn’t belong to anabolic steroids.  Jackson said that steroids were for muscles but testosterone was natural. So, he was mistaken, thinking that testosterone isn’t an anabolic steroid.
In fact, application of testosterone replacement therapy in mixed martial arts is a debated issue. Testosterone is used legally in case of hypogonadism (low testosterone production). So, mixed martial artists who have this disease may obtain a therapeutic use exemption that allows to utilize the steroid testosterone legally.
But the problem that is widely discussed is whether the athlete who utilizes therapeutic dose of testosterone can get unfair advantage during competitions.
The most of sportspeople that have obtained a therapeutic use exemption for usage of testosterone for medical purposes deny getting any increase of performance because of testosterone replacement therapy.
When it comes to Rampage Jackson, he admitted that testosterone replacement therapy had enhanced his muscle size, helped to get faster recovery from his injuries and improved his sexual life. The mixed martial artist claimed that he had had a knee injury. After he had taken three dosages of testosterone, the knee was healed. He gained bodyweight and muscle mass. This mixed martial artist noted that small quantities of the steroid testosterone had produced significant changes in him. His sexuality was improved essentially; he began to feel as if he had been just 25.
Rampage Jackson blamed steroids for his impossibility to lose weight to meet criteria of the 206lb weight category.
Jackson reports that he doesn’t violate any rule. He takes testosterone and claims that it is legally.
He confirms that he is happy that he uses testosterone.

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