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понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

Wrestling of High Schools from Connecticut is drug-free

The businessman Mark Mansa from Bethel (Connecticut)  was accused in distributing anabolic steroids to High School students from the Greater Danbury.
But it wasn’t proven yet whether it is so, as it has been suspected. A lot of people don’t think that High School wrestlers have got and applied prohibited medications. High School wrestling is a favorite sport in Greater Danbury area. Affection to this sport blinds a lot of individuals completely. They don’t even suggest that it can be true that High School wrestlers have used steroids, especially anabolic steroids.
Why are anabolic steroids underlined especially? Anabolic steroids are administered to gain muscle mass in short period of time quite obviously. So, numerous persons confirm that while High School students of other sports may have used steroids, wrestlers don’t belong to their group. Their statement has been supported by Ricky Shook, a wrestling coach. His team is celebrated because of obtaining 10 State Open titles. The trainer  confirms that there is no any link with steroids.
Actually, wrestlers cannot utilize steroids or other related medicines to bulk up because there are strict weight requirements that are established and regulated by the CIAC.  
The wrestler Matt Saraceno was asked about possibility of applying steroids by those that are involved in this sport. This wrestler noticed that there was no any possibility of applying steroids. He noted that steroids couldn’t help to store the weight of the body down. He claimed that it was impossible.
So, this wrestler contested affirmations of some persons about possibility of taking steroids in wrestling. Since steroids are taken to gain muscle size, it would be as a negative result for a wrestler that puts efforts to sustain his body weight to meet criteria of certain weight category. In addition to this aspect, the rules related to weight loss are very strict in wrestling. Even unessential changes in body weight can lead to numerous troubles. Sudden weight enhancing and increase of muscles will lead to several problems like sudden loss of body weight.
The CIAC claims that wrestlers should avoid unnatural loss of body weight. Just established amount of weight can be lost during a season. The CIAC controls changing in body mass of wrestlers. The, the risks connected with intake of banned substances are quite increased for those who are implicated in wrestling.
The wrestling coach Shook notes that he doesn’t want to coach those who use prohibited preparations, alcohol and tobacco. He claims that he says these words every year during interviews for the New-Times.  So, the wrestling coach assures that he doesn’t coach any consumer of banned drugs. But if he observes such individual in his team, he will announce about this case.
The trainer Shook says that wrestling is healthy in comparison with its position in earlier time. They have a specified program. They subject wrestlers to urine analyses and hydration. This is the sport that makes more tests than any other sport that exists in Connecticut.
Although the trainer has admitted that  a wrestler could hide his usage of steroids from him, but it is doubted.
So, wrestling prevents intake of forbidden medications. There is hope that it will continue to follow this way.

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