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понедельник, 16 апреля 2012 г.

Will Usain Bolt break the world record without steroid use?

The chairman of the London Organising Committee 2012 Sebastian Coe thinks that the sprinter Usain Bolt has capacity to break another world record without administration of anabolic steroids or/and other prohibited drugs. There was a discussion about influence of steroids upon increase of performance and winnings.
 But the chairman of the London Organising Committee 2012 continues to claim that the athletes who have intensive and hard trainings rarely succeed due to products that may enhance performance. Coe reports that any person knows that Usain Bolt works very hardly to obtain needed results. This runner has success without usage of steroids. He progresses significantly. Sebastian Coe adds that there are rare cases, when those who utilize steroids and don’t have intensive workouts break world records.
Actually, numerous elite sprinters have been sentenced to bans because they have tested positive for steroids. Three of them obtained the title “The World’s Fastest Man”. They are Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery. Beside of them, such sprinters, as LaShawne Merritt, Marion Jones, Dwain Chambers and Kelli White tested positive for forbidden medications and were suspended.
Sebastian Coe was a prominent middle distance sprinter as well. He got the golden medal in the 1500 meter race at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and Los Angeles Olympics of 1984. Sebastian Coe notices that since he has been capable to break world records without intake of steroids or/and other related drugs, Usain Bolt will be capable to do it as well.
Coe notes that he has broken 12 world records and never used any forbidden preparation.
Gideon Bolt, Usain’s father, has foreboded that Usain will run a 9.4 the 100 meter rate. This time is considered to be the limit of human performance. It is impossible to run this distance faster. Sebastian Coe mentions that it is possible without administration of steroids.

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