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понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

A former cop has to serve 6 months in jail for leaking confidential information

The former West Chest Police Department David Busemeyer tried to convince a judge that his addiction to anabolic steroids had caused his corruption. But the former cop was not able to convince the judge. As a result, the former police officer received a half of a year in jail. David Busemeyer was pleaded guilty to leaking confidential information of the Police Department that began an investigation linked with a steroid dealer.
David Busemeyer claimed in the court that he had been wrathful and confused due to his addiction to steroids.
The defense attorney of David Busemeyer tried to convince the judge that his client had to be cured from his addiction. He attempted to argue that it would be the most appropriate sentence for this individual’s crime.
According to some court documents, David Busemeyer took steroids for 4 years. Moreover, the former police official used 10-15 pain pills under prescriptions to relieve pains caused by steroids.  
But the judge rejected such excuse. It seemed at the beginning that he wanted to hand down even heavier sentence but then he gave a lighter sentence because he had to take into account sentencing guidelines.
The judge Spaeth affirmed that David Busemeyer had imperiled own safety and safety of other police officers. He put at risk reputation of the whole police department.
 It became obvious that David Busemeyer had extra-marital relationship with the sister of the drug dealer who was investigated by police officers. David Busemeyer informed his girlfriend and his brother that an investigation to bust the distributor of steroids started to be conducted.
Although David Busemeyer didn’t say the name of the informant, he presented enough information to define who he was.
Police officials raided Busemeyer’s house and found steroids and evidence of his Administartion of steroids.
It was chosen not to prosecute the former police official for possession of steroids and fake prescriptions for application of these medicines.

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