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понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

It is unclear whether Jose Canseco will play professional baseball again

Jose Canseco didn’t agree to submit to a urine analysis for steroids, when he tried to come back to the Mexican Baseball League. It was earlier claimed that the “Tigres de Quintana” of Cancun agreed to give him the 2nd  chance and invited him to play.
This baseball player refused to submit to testing for steroids which had to be conducted by officers of the Mexico’s National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE). CONADE is government agency that controls Olympic sports in Mexico.
Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Meza, the chief executive officer of this baseball team, confirmed that Jose Canseco would not be allowed to play for the team because he had admitted that he used prohibited medications.
Jose Canseco admitted that he was on testosterone replacement therapy under supervision of a health care provider in the US. He said that he was on TRT since 2008. Jose Canseco was not surprised by the requirement to submit to urine analysis for steroids. This sportsman wrote on his Twitter account last month that the Minor League Baseball would conduct testing for prohibited products.
As it is known,  a sportsperson may use steroids for TRT and compete, if he/she has obtained a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). A TUE permits usage of banned medications, if it is supported by medical conditions.
It is obvious that Jose Canseco has prescription from his health care provider that supports his need to receive TRT. But Jose Canseco hasn’t obtained a TUE for intake of testosterone.
Canseco has openly acknowledged that he had a prescription from his physician to use testosterone as a part of testosterone replacement therapy. He reported about  this condition in a documentary in 2008. Jose Canseco claimed that he stopped utilizing illegal steroids and was experiencing low testosterone production that was provoked by steroids. Then his health care provider recommended him administering a testosterone gel to be relieved from adverse consequences of steroids.
It is clear that Jose Canseco’s administration of steroids is justified because he has medical support for application. But since he doesn’t have any TUE, it is not clear whether he would join the team that has testing for steroids.
The CEO of “Tigres de Quintana” affirmed that he had known that Jose Canseco was on TRT but he invited him to play, just getting a TUE.

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