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среда, 4 апреля 2012 г.

The inhaled steroid budesonide doesn’t influence on ocular system negatively

However there are a lot of steroids that cause serious adverse responses, there are also such steroids which cause positive effects for our health. Several recent studies connected with the inhaled corticosteroid budesonide have given to our society certain light of hope. This medication has been taken numerous times to treat kids who experience asthma. It has been believed that this medication led to cataract in kids that took it. But the latest studies have displayed that the risk connected with this unwanted reaction is very low.
Certain experts at the University of Southern Denmark in Holding have led a research to determine reality of occurring cataract in the kids that were cured with budesonide. There was no any cataract in 148 persons that were given this inhaled steroid. Among those who didn’t suffer from asthma and were not treated with budesonide 2 individuals had cataract.  It was reported by the pediatric professor Soren Pedersen from the University of the Southern Denmark in Kolding. This statement was pronounced during a meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in San Francisco.   Soren Pedersen noted that when it came to cataract, there was no any difference between those that used budesonide and those who didn’t use it.
The doctor Soren Pederson and his colleagues have treated a lot of patients that suffered from asthma with budesonide during over 2 decades. There was no any indication that this inhales steroid could lead to any serious side reaction. Kids that were given budesonide didn’t experience any growth problems.
In the latest study 270 kids with asthma were given budesonide; 62 kids didn’t apply budesonide because their parents feared of the consequences. Parents of those to whom budesonide was given said that no any serious negative reaction was observed in their children. 30 of those 62 children that applied the inhaled steroid budesonide felt positive effects in the treatment of asthma.
The experts have determined that the risk of cataract for those who treat asthma with budesonide was 5 %.
Soren Pedersen noted that there was no any cataract or another adverse consequence related to vision during over 15 years of his practice of curing children with the steroid budesonide.
Hyun Don Yun, MD, a resident in allergy and immunology at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, has noted that these aspects have manifested that even long-time treatment with the inhaled steroid budesonide doesn’t lead to any undesirable consequence linked with vision system.
According to several other researches, inhaled steroids have different influence on our body in comparison with effects of other steroids.
It is necessary to conclude that there are steroids that may benefit instead of causing severe undesirable results. It is impossible to contest benefits of some steroids.

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