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вторник, 15 мая 2012 г.

Brassinosteroid contained in mustard may promote increasing lean muscle mass in mammals

Certain recent researches have determined some benefits of mustard. Anybody knows that it is a good remedy which adds pleasant flavor to meal. Moreover, it has been defined that mustard can help to lose fat and improve physical appearance.
A study related to mustard has been led by Debora Esposito and his colleagues at North Carolina University in Kannapolis (USA). It has been affirmed under results of the research that a compound which is named “homobrassinolide” found in mustard and other related herbs is able to enhance lean muscle mass and strength in mammals.
28-Homobrassinolide represents a brassinosteroid. It is a type of steroid which has been found in plants which are included in Brassica family. It has been known that it may promote growing plants. But nobody has been aware about its role in mammals. The specialists have defined that homobrassinolide is able to cause anabolic effects in mammals. It promotes enhancing synthesis of protein, stimulates appetite and enhances muscle mass through enhancement of number and size of muscle fibers in animals.
Healthy rats have been implicated in the study. They have been given oral homobrassinolide during 24 days. Dual-emission x-ray absorptiometry analysis has been applied in order to check changes in weight, food consumption and composition of rats’ bodies. It has been determined that animals who have been given homobrassinolide have obtained significantly more muscle mass than those that have not been treated.
Enhancement of muscle mass indicates about a higher basal metabolic rate. High BMR is associated with great caloric burning that helps to remain lean.
So, the study has clearly shown that homobrassinolide increases protein synthesis, enhances size and number of muscle fibers that play a great role for increase of energy.
Experts suppose that such plants, as mustard, may be used for more enhanced brassinosteroid content. It may help to have lean muscle mass, increase it and prevent some diseases.
It is suggested that future supplement and medicine industry will introduce preparations which will be efficacious in case of several maladies related to muscle wasting. Such preparations can be used as alternative products to synthetic steroids because the first ones will probably have minimal or no undesirable results.
Leaves of mustard have little calories. They are rich in antioxidants. Leaves of mustard cause anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, they represent an excellent source of iron, magnesium, fiber, selenium and phosphorous.
Mustard may be used for preparing salads, curds and tempering. It would be useful to consume at least one teaspoon of mustard with water or meal in order to obtain several positive effects.

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