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среда, 20 июня 2012 г.

Toxicologist Bruce Goldberger testifies on behalf of accused athlete

Testimonies of the famous toxicologist Bruce Goldberger will probably influence greatly on decision of the court in the case related to Roger Clemens. Bruce Goldberger is the Professor of Pathology and Director of Toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine. This specialist testified on behalf of Roger Clemens. Although he was called in order to replace Don Catlin, the director of the WADA UCLA Medicine, Goldberger’s testimonies differed from those which are commonly provided by anti-doping agencies. This toxicologist testified on behalf of the accused athlete.
Bruce Goldberger is known due to his participation in different news programs. Even during such programs he doesn’t refrain from critical words. Bruce Goldberger criticized several anti-doping organizations, including the WADA.
Bruce Goldberger expressed critical words for federal prosecutors in the case related to Roger Clemens. They based on “beer can evidence” presented by Brian McNamee to support that his client administered steroids and HGH. Brian McNamee, the former personal coach of Roger Clemens, provided a beer can containing used needles and syringes which had traces of such steroids, as Sustanon, Primobolan Depot and Deca Durabolin and were mixed allegedly with Clemens’ blood. The beer can was maintained by McNamee more than 6 years. Bruce Goldberger argued that such basis wasn’t reasonable.
Goldberger claimed that it was impossible to base on “beer can evidence”. He noted that no one could prove that Roger Clemens used steroids and HGH, basing on the beer can, because the theory of contamination could present.
Thus, Bruce Goldberger didn’t support the affirmations of the federal prosecutors. Earlier he also expressed criticism related to evidence applied by some anti-doping agencies.
Certain years ago Goldberger testified on behalf of the American cyclist Floyd Landis, when this sportsperson appealed positives for steroids. A WADA-accredited lab located in France found traces of exogenous testosterone; T: E ratio and carbon isotope ratio tests were applied by the lab. Bruce Goldberger pronounced similar words and criticism during the appeal related to Floyd Landis.
Bruce Goldberger noticed during an interview that the WADA utilized inadequate ways and violated rights of sportspersons in order to have the success in anti-doping programs.
Floyd Landis lost his appeal and acknowledged that he had applied steroids, EPO and certain other related medications.
No one can be sure which results will be achieved by Roger Clemens. Will the federal prosecutors prove that he has lied before the Congress? Will he admit to doping? Or will be the results opposite?

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