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воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.

Murderer of over 70 persons used steroids and ECA, when he was preparing for crimes

Anders Behring Breivik was accused in murder of  70 persons. He bombed buildings of government in Oslo (Norway). Certain teenagers of the Workers’ Youth League camp were also killed by this person on Utoya island in July 2011.
The killer trained for the murders substantially. He admitted that he had used cycles with steroids.  Since he utilized steroids, these drugs were blamed for the crimes by many reporters.
But what did experts confirm? Joerge Moerland, a professor of forensic toxicology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, contested affirmations of these journalists. Dr. Joerge Moerland affirmed that anabolic steroids didn’t contribute in rampage of this person. But the toxicologist noted that it was impossible to contest that these medicines could lead to aggressiveness in Breivik.
An “ECA stack”, a combination of caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine, was also used by Breivik. Actually, this stack is normally taken by bodybuilders in order to burn fat and stimulate themselves for trainings. It was set that Breivik has taken great quantity of the combination. The amount taken by him was by 50 % greater than it is allowed under European Union’s rules.
The forensic toxicologist Joerge Moerland noted that the killer’s behavior was more substantially affected by the “ECA stack” than steroids. He explained that ephedrine might cause desire to be involved in dangerous activities. Joerge Moerland affirmed that Breivik’s central nervous system had been affected by ephedrine.
Nonetheless, the specialist Joerge Moerland mentioned about limitation of the ECA’ influence. The amount of caffeine consumed by Breivik was equal to approximately 5 cups of coffee. So, the quantity was not enough great in order to be blamed for the crimes.
Anders Breivik described his usage of steroids and dietary supplements in details. He also recommended other persons ordering steroids at Alinshop.
Anders Breivik expressed his dislike of Dianabol because it could cause liquid retention. He explained that Dianabol could add more body weight than consumers could carry. According to his affirmations, about 50 % of the mass gotten due to Dianabol is fluid retention. The killer decided to administer several stacks that were appropriate for his purposes.
The killer learnt about effects of different steroids in order to choose those who were proper for his purposes. He claimed that Testosterone Propionate had certain priorities over Dianabol. He also suggested that combinations of Dianabol with Aromasin or intake of Dianabol followed by application of Winstrol could benefit substantially.
Thus, Breivik prepared for the massacre scrupulously. He spent time in order to study effects of steroids and plan steroid cycles and administration of dietary supplements. He also pondered about every detail connected with attacks and murders.
However several persons claimed that Breivik was legally insane, it’s wrong. It is evident that the crimes have been committed consciously.

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