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вторник, 26 июня 2012 г.

British driver claims that he has got furious due to steroid use

Although it is not yet proven scientifically whether uncontrolled aggressiveness is an undesirable consequence of steroids, these preparations are blamed for various crimes quite frequently.
Michael Barton, a young person from Britain, hit a Ford Fiesta, while he was driving his Volkswagen Golf. Paul Gard was driving the Ford Fiesta. Barton had passed Paul Gard. But then Michael Barton had to pull back in front of Paul Gard, since another vehicle was driving the other way. Paul Gard flashed him. Thus, he had to brake immediately. Barton got furious, stopped his car, broke the wing mirror of Gard’s car and hit the man in the face. Then Gard’s wife called police. While she was calling, Barton left calmly.
Michael Barton, a 21-year-old man who has a kid of two years old, uses steroids to bulk up. So, it has been said that these substances affected his behavior. The defense attorney for this young person claimed that steroids had a negative impact on temperament of his client, since these preparations enhanced his testosterone levels.
Previously Michael Barton was convicted for several crimes, including domestic violence. Last year this young person pleaded guilty to an assault, criminal damage and driving incautiously due to his anger following assaults.
The judge Patrick Hooton confirmed that he was not sure that steroids were responsible for the situation. But he added that it was totally mad to get angered and hit a man in the face just because he flashed him. The judge claimed that Barton’s behavior was too immoral and he said: “you ought to go to prison”.
So, this young man was given 6-month jail sentence suspended for a year; he was also sentenced to pay 500 dollars in compensation and ?277 for damage of Paul Gard’s Ford Fiesta.

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