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понедельник, 10 сентября 2012 г.

Melky Cabrera’s hoax was unsuccessful

It happens frequently that when athletes test positive for any banned products, they try to prove that they have never used any banned medication intentionally. They find various ways to demonstrate that they are innocent. They do a lot in order to avoid bans and/or other sanctions. Here is a situation.
The baseball player Melky Cabrera tested positive for testosterone. Of course, he was sentenced to a suspension. Like other sportspersons he decided to find a way to prove his innocence and avoid the suspension.
A lot of doping sportspersons who are caught claim that they have administered a dietary supplement that caused positive for certain forbidden substance. Although some athletes may have taken contaminated dietary supplements, a lot of athletes apply steroids and choose this way of defense because it works in numerous cases.
Thus, Melky Cabrera affirmed that he had administered a dietary supplement which caused his positive for testosterone. Actually, it was a lie. Trying to avoid the 50-game suspension, he also created a web site and posted a fictitious product and advertisements that induced selling it. The product didn’t exist in reality. It was just a lie of Melky Cabrera and his associates in order to defend the professional baseball player.
Juan Nunez, a paid consultant for Athletes’ Career Enhanced and Secured Incorporated (ACES), was the person that created the site.
But the lie turned out to be unsuccessful. The MLB exposed Melky Cabrera and Juan Nunez. Thus, the baseball player was enforced to serve the ban.
The ACES got troubles as well. Since Juan Nunez has been a consultant for ACES, the agency and Seth and Sam Levinson were suspected of involving in the hoax. But these individuals claimed that they were not implicated in the creation of the site and the lie that was invented by Melky Cabrera and Juan Nunez. Juan Nunez also confirmed that Seth and Sam Levinson had not been implicated in this lie.
The Food and Drug Administration is still investigating the case. It is unclear yet whether other persons would be also pursued and sanctioned for the hoax.

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