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среда, 26 сентября 2012 г.

Barry Bonds understands feelings of athletes suspected of doping

Barry Bonds knows what an athlete experiences, when he/she is targeted by the government and anti-doping officials. He understands what this person feels. That’s why the former professional baseball player is able to sympathize and support athletes accused of doping. Thus, Barry Bonds supports the cyclist Lance Armstrong.
During an interview a reporter asked Barry Bonds about troubles of Lance Armstrong linked with doping suspicions. The former baseball player showed his admiration towards the seven-time Tour de France winner. He claimed that Lance Armstrong was the greatest cyclist that has ever been in professional cycling.
Of course, Barry Bonds knows what he says. He understands what it means to be a good cyclist. After this person retired from baseball, he became a cyclist. He took part in some competitions successfully. Being a cyclist, the former baseball player sees that this sport has the same issues like baseball. He sees that cyclists are pursued by federal prosecutors and anti-doping agencies like professional baseball players.
Both Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds were suspected of doping. They were pursued by feds and anti-doping officers.
Feds accused Barry Bonds of lying about application of forbidden preparations and obstruction of justice. They couldn’t prove that the athlete lied about intake of prohibited products. But they affirmed that he was guilty of obstructing justice. Barry Bonds decided to appeal the decision of the court.
As for Lance Armstrong, the government dropped the case against him. But the USADA continued to prosecute the cyclist. The USADA claimed that Lance Armstrong had been taking forbidden substances throughout his cycling career. The cyclist decided to discontinue fighting against accusations of the anti-doping agency. He lost his Tour de France titles and money he had received at these events.
However Lance Armstrong lost his titles, Americans continue to respect him. They affirm that he is the most wonderful cyclist of all times. Lance Armstrong’s sponsors haven’t refused to support his cancer charity. The seven-time Tour de France winner helps people to combat cancer. Thus, numerous persons are thankful. They will never forget what Lance Armstrong has done for them.
Barry Bonds’ reputation has been spoiled by suspicions linked with application of banned medications. The former baseball player hopes that his achievements during the baseball career are more essential than the suspicions. He believes that people will forget about the accusations and he will be considered to be a baseball star.

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