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среда, 5 сентября 2012 г.

Clomid during and after steroid use

When you buy steroids for cycles, you should also prepare such compounds which must be administered to receive recovery after administration of steroids.
In case a steroid cycle lasts over 8 weeks, HCG must be used during the cycle. It is important to take in consideration that this product is applied only during steroid use.
There such remedies that should be administered after steroid cycles. For example, Clomid should be taken after steroid use. It is necessary to start administering this product after androgen levels fall substantially and recovery with this remedy becomes possible. It is ordinarily advised to start applying Clomid with a high dose (300 mg/day) and reduce it gradually till 50 mg daily. Then reduced measures are administered until steroid users become convinced that natural production of testosterone is restored and testicles have returned to their ordinary size.
If Clomid is taken circa 6 weeks and no improvement is observed, it is necessary to interrupt application of this drug. Then if improvements don’t occur, it is needed to continue taking Clomid till recovery is gotten. It is allowed to take this medicine a year. Some studies have demonstrated that long-term application of this drug doesn’t lead to severe problems. However several persons may experience vision problems because of Clomid, these problems are not permanent. They disappear after discontinuation of intake. If any problems linked with vision system appear in those that take Clomid, they must stop applying this preparation.
Clomid may be also administered after steroid use. A common dose is 75 mg a day in such situations.
However there are such medicines which help to get recovery after steroid use and keep strength and muscle gains, it is not a good idea to apply prolonged steroid cycles.

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