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понедельник, 17 сентября 2012 г.

How did Australian doctor abuse his position?

Certain health care providers abuse their position, recommending medicines which don’t correspond to clinical needs of patients. Why do they do it? It is known that several medications are claimed to be prescription drugs. It means that you can’t get them legally, if you don’t have any prescription from your treating physician. Anabolic steroids belong to such preparations. It is illegal to buy steroids without a prescription in several countries. Those who do it may be punished. They may be sentenced to imprisonment and/or fines. Of course, numerous persons are looking for methods to buy and take these medications without having legal troubles.
Anabolic steroids are often abused. Numerous athletes and bodybuilders administer these medications not for medical needs but for enhancement of performance. If they live in countries where these drugs can’t be bought legally without prescriptions, they find some ways to mask their illegal purchase and administration. Athletes, bodybuilders and even ordinary people ask their physicians to prescribe them these preparations, as if they had therapeutic needs to take them. Thus, several physicians induce selling anabolic steroids to those that abuse them. Here is a situation.
Peter Grant, an Australian physician, prescribed steroids to 14 persons during nine years. Medical state of these persons didn’t require application of these products. Thus, the doctor was accused of improper practicing medicine. For example, he prescribed to a patient taking such preparations, as Halotestin, Sustanon, Andriol Testocaps, Deca Durabolin, Scitropin and Proviron. But there was no any medical basis to recommend these drugs to this person. Moreover, these preparations were recommended him during 9 years.
The health care provider Peter Grant acknowledged that several patients were competing. Thus, he prescribed them steroids. He also admitted to learning scientific literature about anabolic steroids. He claimed that he knew how steroids acted. Thus, he supervised the patients that administered anabolic steroids.
Taking these factors in consideration, it is possible to state that the doctor Peter Grant was better known by those that applied steroids for enhancement of performance than by those who had to be treated from certain health troubles. Peter Grant confirmed that he knew that steroids were bought by his patients only for personal administration.
When the physician appeared in the court, the judge claimed that the doctor induced selling steroids. The judge noticed that Peter Grant had to be punished properly. Peter Grant was suspended from practicing medicine for 12 months. Moreover, the judge claimed that he would be disciplined during the next 2 years.

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