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среда, 26 сентября 2012 г.

California legislators promote protecting rights of athletes

Legislators of California claim that anti-doping agencies violate fundamental constitutional rights of sportspersons suspected of steroid use. So, athletes that have never tested positive for any forbidden medications are targeted. That’s why the legislators initiated a request to Congress to review this issue.
It is known that the USADA is sponsored mainly by taxpayers. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) gives 10 million dollars every year. This governmental office induces fighting against application of prohibited medications. Its goal is to uproot illicit manufacture and drug use, crimes related to application of illicit products, etc.
The request of California lawmakers was initiated soon after Lance Armstrong decided not to appeal his lifetime suspension from professional sports.
Everybody knows that Lance Armstrong has forfeited his 7 titles won at Tour de France. He was also suspended from competitions wholly.
In June Lance Armstrong filed a lawsuit against the USADA, affirming that his constitutional rights were violated. But the judge Sam Sparks didn’t desire to accept the lawsuit. He affirmed that the USADA acted appropriately. Sam Sparks also noticed that the USADA was formed in order to clean sports from sportspersons that apply banned drugs.
California Senator Michael Rubio claimed that Sam Sparks didn’t act appropriately, refusing to accept the lawsuit against the USADA. Thus, the senators claimed that the USADA violated rights of certain athletes. That’s why they presented the request before Congress.

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