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вторник, 2 октября 2012 г.

Further studies may lead to changes of indications linked with inhaled steroids

Inhaled corticosteroids are preparations which are utilized in case of asthma by children and adults. Persons that suffer from mild, moderate and severe asthma administer these products each day. Inhaled steroids prevent inflammation of the airways. Doctors supervise patients with this disease, adjusting dosage schedule each 6 weeks.
Unfortunately, inhaled steroids, like other preparations, may cause negative results. Regular application of these products is connected with certain risks. Is there any way for persons with asthma to avoid these problems?
A recent study has displayed that physicians should not recommend using these medicines daily to individuals with mild-to-moderate asthma. This research turned out to be very valuable. It is likely to alter instructions connected with treatment of asthma.
The research was conducted by scientists of the Texas Medical Brach in Galveston. The doctor William Calhoun and his colleagues enrolled 340 persons with asthma in the research. Some persons received inhaled corticosteroids every day; others took these drugs, when symptoms of asthma attacks appeared. Bronchial reactivity and functions of lungs were measured by the specialists during nine months. The results of the research displayed that there was not any significant difference between these two groups.
According to the specialists, if inhaled corticosteroids are administered, when symptoms appear, exacerbation can be prevented. Furthermore, these medicines have prolonged action. It means that positive effects are felt even several days after application. The specialists suppose that these products may be used by individuals with mild-to-moderate asthma only when symptoms appear.
Why is this research valuable? According to certain sources, 25 million Americans experience asthma. Of course, they must be treated. This piece of news must be valuable for them. Furthermore, if inhaled steroids are used prolonged period of time, they may lead to serious negative reactions, such as hormonal imbalance, cataract, etc. Thus, if persons that experience mild-to-moderate asthma don’t take these drugs each day, they are more unlikely to get these negative results.
Of course, it is early to alter guidelines linked with treatment of asthma. But this research may promote conducting further researches that may lead to some changes.

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