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понедельник, 8 октября 2012 г.

Steroids are dangerous for teens

Adolescents’ addiction to anabolic steroids becomes a significant problem today. Why do teens take these medications? They do it in order to enhance their muscles, reduce fat deposits and add definition to muscles. They want to be more attractive. Actually, adolescents use these medicines because they desire to look like models, sports figures and heroes. Since teens want to be celebrated so, as well-known sportspersons are, they try to improve their physique and performance with anabolic steroids.
But teenagers don’t take into account several important factors in this situation. Firstly, professional athletes and bodybuilders ask doctors for recommendations. Thus, doctors indicate how they should take steroids. That’s why usage of anabolic steroids by celebrated sportspeople is relatively safe. When it comes to teens, they don’t know what they administer; they don’t know how steroids should be used. Secondly, the process of development is not over in teens. That’s why steroids may be dangerous for them. Anabolic steroids may destruct functions of reproductive, cardiovascular and other systems in adolescents.
Unluckily, a lot of adolescents apply anabolic steroids. Certain surveys of the Michigan University show that the number of steroid users in high schools continues to grow.
Furthermore, it is not a problem to purchase these preparations. High schools students obtain steroids without essential efforts.
As a result, some adolescents become addicted to steroids. While several teens try to cease administering these medications, they can’t do it. In fact, it is quite difficult to get rid of this addiction. Addicted steroid users can’t stop using these preparations without help of high-qualified specialists. They must stay in special centers of rehabilitation where well-trained experts help them to get rid of the addiction.
It is necessary to educate adolescents about dangers linked with anabolic steroids. Teens must know not only about benefits of these products. They should be taught also about negative effects of these medicines. If schoolchildren and high school students are not educated about dark sides of steroids, they will take these products. Ultimately, their systems will be destructed. If the society doesn’t care about adolescents, they will experience many health problems.

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