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среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

It is necessary to stop fighting against doping

The cyclist Lance Armstrong never tested positive for any forbidden substance. But the sportsman forfeited his seven Tour de France titles because the USADA suspected him of doping.
You can see that usage of banned medicines is considered to be a last sin of competitive athletes. They are banned, if they are found guilty or just suspected of doping.
For example, Dwain Chambers, a British sprinter, was suspended because he tested positive for tetrahydrogestrinone. This sportsman claimed that he was not the only Olympic  sprinter that administered steroids. According to his statements, numerous runners of the US racing team applied prohibited products.
Several persons are probably bothered by reading articles about war on usage of banned preparations in sports. It seems that the battle never ends. Although anti-doping agencies put great efforts in order to eradicate doping from competitive sports, numerous sportspersons continue administering banned preparations. It is impossible to confront doping. It seems that it is better to legalize doping. Let athletes use whatever they want!
Athletes break more excellent records from one year to another. It may require to measure thousandths of a second in order to define who the winner is. It seems that it will be impossible to notice with a naked eye the fastest sprinters. That’s why several specialists fear that it will be too difficult to keep sports interesting.
Some experts see that anti-doping policies fail. Sportspersons who have never tested positive for any banned drug are sentenced to lifetime suspensions. Drug tests are not capable to induce catching those that use steroids and/or other doping products.
Doping plays a great role in sports. Almost every winner of Tour de France has been involved in a doping case.
Fans have great expectations. Athletes have to push their bodies till the limits in order to win. They have to use steroids and/or other performance-enhancing drugs in order to keep their reputations and not disappoint fans. The society should be blamed for athletes’ doping. Not only sportspersons should be blamed for intake of prohibited products. The society creates such culture where sportspersons can’t win without administration of certain preparations. That’s why it is necessary to discontinue demonizing athletes. It is better to permit doping in sports. Each sport must compose own list of banned medications. Only drugs which are harmful to certain sport itself should be banned. Let take the sport of boxing as an example. This sport should ban just those drugs that withdraw fear because removing of fear in this sport is against its nature.

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