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вторник, 16 октября 2012 г.

Anna Watson refuses to take steroids

When it is mentioned about cheerleaders, we imagine active and thin women. But we have to realize that sometimes the reality differs from our imagination. The cheerleader Anna Watson is an example in this situation. She has great muscles. But she is very nice.
A fitness modeling agency offered her a $75000 contract. But she refused to get it. Actually, it is surprisingly because numerous ladies dream to obtain such contracts. But she didn’t want to obtain it because she had to take steroids for this need.
When Anna Watson began to study at Hawaii Pacific University, she started weight lifting. She trained hardly and consumed about 3000 calorie per day. Finally she had ability to lift 230 pounds. But her weight was not enough to get a modeling fitness contract. Although she ate much protein, she could not gain required pounds.
A modeling agent said that Anavar could help her to add weight. Anna Watson needed to get 50 pounds in order to obtain the contract. Thus, she began to apply the steroid Anavar in order to increase body weight. The cheerleader was eating “forever”, even if she wasn’t’ hungry. Despites of her efforts, nutrition regimen and application of the steroid Anavar, she could not gain 50 pounds. The cheerleader got just 10 pounds.
Anna Watson is a religious person. She belongs to a local church. Finally, she made a decision to ask a weight lifting champion for advice. Hugh Kirby who is also a member of the church has advised her to stay far from intake of steroids. He mentioned that these drugs could cause different adverse reactions. This person also added that steroids could lead to infertility. Thus, Hugh Kirby claimed that it would be better to refuse the contract instead of experiencing health problems, especially infertility.
Thus, Anna Watson didn’t agree to obtain the contract. But she decided not to leave her trainings. Anna Watson dreams to become a personal trainer.
In fact, the cheerleader made an appropriate decision. It is reasonable to keep female characteristics without a modeling contract instead of having the contract and suffering from signs of masculinization owing to intake of steroids.

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