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понедельник, 8 октября 2012 г.

Football is not “clean”

Numerous articles report about administration of steroids in baseball. Sportswriters and reporters describe steroid scandals which take place in this sport. It is often discussed about steroid era in baseball. MLB players are subjected to numerous drug tests. It seems that every individual interested in sports demonizes baseball players for intake of doping products. Do just baseball players use steroids and other related preparations? What do you think about football players? Don’t they dope? Why do we demonize only baseball players for intake of banned medications?
Application of doping products is widespread among football players. Since 1960s administration of performance-enhancing drugs plays a great role in this sport. It is impossible to imagine football without application of steroids and other related medicines.
Strength and size are substantial features in football. Some people believe that football players have great strength only because of intensive trainings and appropriate diets. But it is a wrong point of view. A lot of football players use banned substances in order to obtain strength and increase muscle size.
As you see, usage of forbidden medications is widespread in football. Nevertheless, baseball players are more widely blamed for administration of steroids and other related medications. Such baseball players, as Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were exposed to public shame on account of doping. But such football players, as Lyle Alzado, Shawne Merriman, Chris Cooper and Thomas Romanowski, also administered banned drugs. Nonetheless, they were not so widely demonized, as dopers in baseball.
Furthermore, it is necessary to take in consideration that administration of steroids is related to more risks in football.
It is confirmed that football is unlikely to be cleaned from doping.

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