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среда, 3 октября 2012 г.

Anti-doping policy continue prospering

While sportspeople that dope seek new ways to avoid detection, anti-doping agencies elaborate new tools in order to catch those who administer banned medications. One of new tools introduced into anti-doping system is biological passport. It helps to set whether an athlete has administered any forbidden preparation. The biological passport measures several biomarkers which can indicate whether a person has used certain products. Thus, it can measure hemoglobin levels. Unexplained reduced or increased hemoglobin levels may indicate doping. So, the biological passport sets physical changes which play great role in detection.
It is clear that anti-doping system becomes more sophisticated. It develops new ways to catch dopers and make sports free from doping.
If you compare drug tests that have been applied earlier with those that are utilized nowadays, you can understand that the difference is significant. Anti-doping efforts are essential. Drug testing becomes more progressive.
It was also created a test for detection of CERA. This preparation was originally created in order to treat anemia linked with kidney dysfunctions. Since earlier there was not any drug test that could determine metabolites of this substance, Rashid Ramzi of Bahrain avoided detection at the Beijing Olympics. Recently his sample was re-analyzed. Anti-doping officers defined that this athlete had administered CERA. As a result, he was stripped of his awards.
Earlier it was hard and even quite impossible to catch those who applied HGH. Lately a blood test for this medicine was also elaborated.
Another new drug test, known as Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, was also recently elaborated. This test helps to set whether testosterone has been applied from outsides or it has been secreted in the body naturally.
So, anti-doping system is more sophisticated today. Anti-doping officers claim that they will be able to make sports free from doping.

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