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вторник, 2 октября 2012 г.

How do pharmaceutical companies use steroid scandals for own prosperity?

It seems that steroid scandals must influence negatively on manufacture of these medications. But manufacturers of these products find ways to take advantages of certain steroid scandals. So, pharmaceutical companies utilize them in order to advertise own medications.
Let take as an example the case of the government and anti-doping officials against the former baseball player Barry Bonds. Although one may suggest that this steroid scandal must suppress purchase of some medications, the reality has manifested opposite things. The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories could avail itself of the case. The company found numerous opportunities to promote selling transdermal testosterone because of the accusations related to Barry Bonds’ doping.
It was confirmed that the former MLB player Barry Bonds applied the transdermal testosterone product “AndroGel”. Undoubtedly, numerous reporters published news about this case. The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories used this public scandal and began to advertise this product. Numerous Barry Bonds’ fans started getting and using this gel. This situation influenced on profits of the company essentially. According to certain sources, the profits of Abbott Laboratories turned out to be great.
Testosterone products are widely prescribed and taken. Many individuals apply them for testosterone replacement therapy. The number of steroid prescriptions has enhanced by 90 % during last five years. Thus, the number of steroid users is growing.
The pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories produces and sells the transdermal testosterone product “AndroGel”. Since other companies saw that testosterone gel was in high demand, they also started to produce it. So, such preparations, as  AndroDream and Axiron, appeared. While AndroDream is sold by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Axiron is offered for sale by Eli Lilly.
Pharmaceutical companies promote selling their medicines. They affirm that steroids have positive influence on men’s health. It is obvious that any company sees that since a lot of males have insufficient secretion of testosterone and since these medicines are applied for increase of muscle mass and endurance, the number of potential customers is great.

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