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понедельник, 29 октября 2012 г.

Valuable research linked with development of obesity

A new study has showed that glucocorticosteroids induce enhancing fat deposits. These compounds have direct influence on androgen receptors that are responsible for reduction of body fat deposits.
This research may be useful in our era, when numerous people suffer from obesity. According to statements of some specialists, it is necessary to decrease amount of glucocorticosteroids in order to prevent or treat obesity.
When scientists conducted this research, they had the following goal: they attempted to comprehend ways, causes and stages of development of fat deposits. Basing on results of the study, the scientists have affirmed that androgen receptors should be activated in order to lower fat accumulation. So, obesity could be cured even at the early stages of development.
The androgen testosterone binds itself to androgen receptors. So, androgen receptors become able to control creation of muscle mass, increase lean muscles, etc.
According to the scientists, glucocorticosteroids decrease activity of androgen receptors. Thus, they become ineffective to manage buildup of muscle mass and decrease of fat storage. That’s why fat is stored especially in abdominal area.
The researchers suggest that this research has ability to promote developing new ways to treat and prevent obesity. The new methods will be connected with glucocorticosteroids and androgen receptors.

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