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вторник, 23 октября 2012 г.

Wikipedia is guide of feds on steroids

Federal prosecutors don’t have sufficient knowledge about anabolic steroids, however they pursue those that manufacture, administer and/or sell these preparations. They don’t study scientific literature about these medicines. The government uses information which is provided in Wikipedia. Although federal prosecutors speak about undesirable consequences of steroids, they don’t know about these conditions sufficiently. Citing statements about steroids provided in Wikipedia, they punish consumers/manufacturers/distributors of these drugs, confirming that these medicines represent evil.
Certain important questions appear here: Is it correct to base upon statements presented in Wikipedia in such cases? Are these affirmations true? Aren’t they exposed to manipulations? Aren’t they mixed with individual opinions of sponsors?
Maurice Hall, the associate professor of communication and culture at Villanova University, says that it is not reasonable to base wholly upon statements written in Wikipedia. He claims that Wikipedia serves a good guide for footnotes. But information presented in Wikipedia may be not true entirely.
For example, when John Isaac Hudelson was sentenced to prison, federal prosecutors based their conclusions linked with illegal operations of this person upon affirmations cited from Wikipedia. Federal prosecutors affirmed that Hudelson deserved to serve 47-54 months in prison because he applied and distributed steroids. Stephen Greubel, the defense attorney for Hudelson, argued that 47-54 months in jail were too much for his client. He noted that Hudelson distributed steroids, preparations which differed from such drugs, as amphetamine, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, etc. The defense attorney noticed that steroids didn’t lead to addiction.
Federal prosecutors confirmed that John Isaac Hudelson manufactured, applied and distributed steroids to his friends. They confirmed that while steroids didn’t cause addiction, desire to be muscular could be addictive. Moreover, they added that steroids could lead to severe adverse results. All statements of feds were based upon those written in Wikipedia.
Finally, the government sent Isaac John Hudelson to 37 months in prison.

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