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понедельник, 29 октября 2012 г.

Steroids’ influence on health of teenagers

Leslie Henderson worries about adolescents. She is troubled because a lot of adolescents administer anabolic steroids which may be dangerous for them. These medications may make adolescents aggressive. Furthermore, steroids may affect various systems of consumers. According to Leslie Henderson, the most dangerous aspect connected with application of these medicines by teenagers is following: these products influence on the brain negatively. They affect not only functions of the brain; they also change the way it works.
Anabolic steroids have been developed in order to treat several illnesses. These drugs have capacity to promote development of secondary male features in males with delayed puberty. They can prevent muscle wasting in individuals that have HIV/AIDS and other health problems. But these drugs are also often abused. They are taken for increase of muscle mass and strength. When health care providers recommend taking steroids to treat certain diseases, they prescribe relatively low quantities that don’t produce grave undesirable consequences. When these drugs are taken for performance-enhancing effects, quantities are enhanced. But it is necessary to know that enhanced dosages may lead to serious undesirable results.
Non-therapeutic application of steroids is very dangerous for adolescents. Their systems have not been yet developed. That’s why these medications may cause irreversible changes in them. Steroids may affect their physical as well psychological health of adolescents. As a result, negative consequences of steroids are seen in them not only during adolescence but also when they grow up. If adult people abuse steroids, they usually don’t suffer from such long-term serious side reactions, as teenagers experience. That’s why Leslie Henderson and other experts confirm that it is important to teach teenagers about negative impact of steroids on them. They should know about all potential risks. If adolescents know about dangerous adverse reactions of steroids, they will probably stop using these medicines for improvement of physique and performance.

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