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четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Bleeding events after tonsillectomies

More and more kids are subjected to tonsillectomies. The number of surgeries in children younger than 15 years old has enhanced substantially.
After tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomy kids may suffer from vomiting and nausea. So, physicians recommend applying corticosteroids during operations in order to reduce these post-operation adverse consequences.
Unluckily, while corticosteroids decrease risks/severity related to nausea and vomiting, they are associated with some other problems. They may lead to bleeding during and after tonsillectomies. Some researches have manifested that the number of complications after tonsillectomies has increased during certain last years. Since number of tonsillectomies becomes more enhanced, complications occur more often as well.
Some specialists decided to determine whether bleeding occurs after tonsillectomies because of corticosteroids. They attempted to find out whether there is any significant difference in appearing of bleeding between kids who use the corticosteroid dexamethasone during tonsillectomies and those that don’t receive this medicine. Thus, the scientists enrolled over 300 children in the research.
Results of the trial have manifested that bleeding of the levels I and II are enhanced by 5% in those that take a single dosage of dexamethasone during tonsillectomy.
Thus, corticosteroids don’t increase the risk connected with post-operation bleeding significantly. However health care providers doubt about safety of corticosteroids taken during tonsillectomies, they don’t increase severe bleeding events obviously.

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