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пятница, 30 ноября 2012 г.

American baseball coach Mark McGwire gets his celebrity again

Mark McGwire, an American professional baseball player and coach, gets rid of his past related to application of steroids successfully. He gains his popularity again. This person is actively implicated in professional baseball again.
However Mark McGwire comprehends that he doesn’t have any chance to be introduced into the Hall of Fame, he doesn’t become disappointed. He continues to like baseball.
St. Louis Cardinals were coached by Mark McGwire two seasons. Then Mark McGwire intended to stop coaching this team because he wants to spend more time with his family. Luckily, Mark McGwire will not leave professional baseball in order to have more time for his family. The Los Angeles Dodgers asked Mark McGwire to coach them. Mark McGwire agreed. Coaching this team will not disturb this person to spend sufficient time with his wife and children because he it takes for him just an hour in order to drive from his home to the Dodgers Stadium.
Mark McGwire spoiled his reputation because he had used steroids. After the American baseball player and coach was found guilty of doping he didn’t desire to comment anything about these preparations. However journalists asked him about application of steroids by him and other baseball players, Mark McGwire refused to answer these questions. He affirmed that statements about usage of steroids by other sportspersons could jeopardize his family and friends.  
Finally the American baseball player and coach admitted to using banned medicines. He noticed that he made an immense mistake, using these remedies. Mark McGwire acknowledged that he didn’t act properly. He apologized for violation of anti-doping policy. Then this athlete and coach was allowed to come back to professional baseball. Thus, he started to restore his reputation that was spoiled because of the mistake linked with intake of banned substances.

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