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воскресенье, 4 ноября 2012 г.

Muscle and strength gains obtained with steroids are much greater than those acquired naturally

Although natural bodybuilders put efforts to demonstrate that they can be as muscular as steroid users, they fail to do it. Even those that have correct nutrition and hard trainings can’t get the same muscle mass and energy like consumers of steroids. Gains that can be obtained because of suitable administration of steroids and other related remedies are much more obvious than those which are acquired naturally.
But you should know that steroids and other doping products can’t increase muscle mass and strength, if consumers don’t have intensive trainings and proper nutrition. However steroids have ability to promote gaining muscles and endurance, it is not sufficient only to administer these drugs. Consumers of steroids must not be lazy individuals. Otherwise, they will fail to acquire desired effects. If consumers of steroids don’t train hardly during application of doping products, they may get additional problems instead of positive effects.
Those that are going to apply steroids in order to get muscles and increase strength should plan their trainings and diets. It is important to train hardly. Nevertheless, it is important to consider that muscles don’t grow, if they don’t have any rest. That’s why it is necessary to have well-planned trainings. Trainings and time of rest should be rotated suitably.
Furthermore, it is needed to plan which kinds of exercises should be performed. Your heart must act properly, if you desire to enhance your muscles with steroids. That’s why cardio exercises should take place 3-4 hours weekly.
Another factor that should be considered is nutrition. Muscles can be increased, if sufficient protein is consumed. Steroids and other related preparations can’t enhance muscles and add energy without usual physiological processes. Keep in mind that steroids don’t work magically! They work through stimulation of natural processes that occur in the body.
If you want to enhance your muscle mass and endurance with steroids, you should study and follow certain guidelines connected with nutrition which are useful for this purpose.

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