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понедельник, 12 ноября 2012 г.

Arnold Schwarzenegger found report about side effects of steroids on his wife’s desk

Maria Shriver didn’t get pregnant during the first three years of her marriage to the famous American bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her mother was in trouble. Since the bodybuilder took steroids, she feared that he could get infertility. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mother-in-law gave a scientific report about steroids to her daughter. The report described potential adverse results of steroids, including infertility.
Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that he found this report on the desk of his wife occasionally. So, he studied it. He laughed much. He confirmed that his mother-in-law was out of control.
But the bodybuilder’s mother-in-law troubled without any reason. Her daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger became parents of four children. Moreover, Arnold Schwarzenegger got a child as a result of his extra-marital relations. Thus, it was evident that steroids didn’t have any negative impact on reproductive system of this man.
Do steroids produce infertility in male users? These drugs suppress natural secretion of the hormone testosterone. That’s why men who apply these preparations may have infertility. But it is necessary to notice that this undesirable consequence is not irreversible. When males stop administering steroids, their natural production of testosterone is restored. So, this unwanted result disappears.  
The autobiography published by Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals many interesting aspects linked with steroids. This bodybuilder applied steroids during his competitive career. Anabolic steroids promoted winning. Usage of these drugs was not banned in professional bodybuilding, when Arnold Schwarzenegger competed.

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