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вторник, 27 ноября 2012 г.

What do Patrick Jonker and Julian Dean say about doping in Lance Armstrong’s team?

The USADA has publicized a dossier on the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong.
Which impression do people get, when they study this report? It is claimed that numerous individuals think that every teammate of this well-known cyclist has used steroids and/or other forbidden remedies. But is it true impression? Has each Lance Armstrong’s teammate doped?
According to the dossier on this sportsperson, 11 teammates testified against him, affirming that he doped. Moreover, it was claimed that Lance Armstrong and the most mates of his team used sophisticated ways in order to be capable to dope and avoid detection.
Although some Lance Armstrong’s teammates admitted to applying steroids and/or other related products, certain teammates denied doping. For example, Julian Dean and Patrick Jonker were two teammates of the American cyclist that denied using performance-enhancing drugs.
Julian Dean stated that he neither doped, nor saw Lance Armstrong applying steroids and/or other related drugs.
When it comes to Patrick Jonker, his affirmations were like those of Julian Dean. He affirmed that he had never taken any banned remedies. He confirmed that he competed cleanly and didn’t take any unfair advantage.
According to Patrick Jonker, administration of steroids and other related remedies is a serious problem in cycling. He believes that numerous cyclists dope. He believes that it is important to fight against usage of doping products in cycling. But he confirms that suitable methods should be applied by anti-doping agencies. This athlete is full of anger, talking about prosecution linked with Lance Armstrong.  Patrick Jonker believes that killers are less pursued than the 7-time Tour de France winner.

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