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четверг, 1 ноября 2012 г.

Usage of HGH for athletic purposes is illegal

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been originally introduced for therapeutic needs. This medicine is recommended to treat children with growth disorders and grown-ups that suffer from deficiency of growth hormone and associated troubles. But this product is widely abused. Numerous weightlifters and other athletes take this medication for athletic purposes. Under laws of certain countries, including the USA, purchase and usage of this product for non-therapeutic purposes are considered to be illegal.
Although this medication is illegal without any prescription, it is not difficult to buy it. This preparation is widely available at online pharmacies. Moreover, steroid dealers sell this drug. Since the price is not increased, a lot of athletes have possibility to obtain it.
Those who administer HGH illegally abuse also other products. They are not limited just by illegal intake of this preparation. Which products are also used by consumers of HGH?
Some scientists decided to conduct a study connected with illicit usage of HGH. They enrolled 230 weightlifters aged 18-40 into the study. The experts could learn that the most of these weightlifters used not only HGH but also anabolic-androgenic steroids and insulin-like growth factor-1. Furthermore, many of them administered recreational drugs, such as cocaine, ecstasy, etc.
Which dangers are faced by those who take enhanced quantities of HGH prolonged period of time? Unluckily, adverse results resulted from enhanced quantities of this medicine are not studied sufficiently because health care providers usually don’t prescribe enhanced doses.  High measures are commonly taken by those that administer this medication for performance-enhancing effects. But it is known that administration of high quantities during long period of time may result in grave negative results. This preparation may negatively influence on various systems, including endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc. It is necessary to be very cautious because enhanced doses of this preparation are linked even with cancer.

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