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среда, 21 ноября 2012 г.

Livestrong suffers because of Lance Armstrong’s doping

The USADA released a dossier related to doping by the famous American cyclist Lance Armstrong. According to the report, this sportsman took steroids and other related preparations. After publishing certain sponsors that donated for Lance Armstrong’s charity organization Livestrong decided to cut their relations with this cyclist and his charity organization.
One of companies that decided to discontinue sponsoring the foundation which fights against cancer is Nike. This company was working much time with the athlete. Ultimately Nike affirmed that it would not have anything longer with the sportsperson who was cheating more than 10 years.
24 Hour Fitness also refused to work with Lance Armstrong anymore.
Certain other companies also made the decision to discontinue sponsoring Lance Armstrong’s charity organization.
However, Lance Armstrong tried to do anything in order to prevent negative influence of his athletic reputation on the organization which helps persons that suffer from cancer to survive. He announced that he would not be the chairman of the foundation anymore. However the sportsperson tried to keep sponsors, he couldn’t do it.
When it comes to the USADA, it affirmed that Lance Armstrong was found guilty of doping. As a result, the sportsman received lifetime suspension. Moreover, he forfeited all 7 titles obtained at Tour de France.
But the International Cycling Union (ICU) affirmed that the USADA made a wrong decision. Although Lance Armstrong discontinued fighting against accusations pronounced by the USADA, the ICU claimed that it would appeal the decision even without involvement of the cyclist.
However Lance Armstrong never tested positive for any forbidden medication, it was concluded that he was guilty of doping. It was confirmed that he used steroids and other forbidden medications but he utilized some simple as well sophisticated methods in order to prevent positives. Thus, he was capable to dope and remain undetectable.
Now Lance Armstrong pays for his cheating. The decision of several companies to discontinue sponsoring his foundation is a great loss for this person.

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