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вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Numerous supplement stores located in India sell steroids

Sale and administration of steroids without a health care provider’s prescription are claimed to be illegal in India. But illicit distribution and administration of steroids and other related medicines prosper in this country. A lot of athletes obtain these drugs at drug stores and supplement stores and administer them for enhancement of muscles and performance.
When Indian National Team’s sportspersons tested positive for banned products at the 2012 London Olympics, attention of authorities was drawn to drug stores and supplement stores. Local police officers decided to search drug stores and supplement stores regularly in order to control illicit sale of anabolic steroids and other related products. After certain raids some pharmacies and supplement stores had been shut down.
Lately police officers raided a drug store and two supplement stores located in the southern part of India.
The Parola Pharmacy located in Valancherry was raided by law enforcement officers. As it was found out, steroids and other related products were sold at this drug store illegally. Nandrolone phenylpropionate was one of steroids which were found by police officers. Certain other steroids were sold illicitly as well. Thus, this drug store was shut down.
The Health World supplement store located in Kottakkal was also recently searched. Law enforcement officers defined that Methandienone, Equipose, Testosterone Undecanoate and some other steroids were offered for sale at this supplement store. So, it was shut down too.
Another supplement store that was raided was the AM Nutrition store. But it was not prosecuted because no any steroids were found at the store.
Law enforcement officers plan to continue raids. Certain pharmacies and supplement stores may lose their licenses for illicit sale of steroids and other related medications.

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