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вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

Steroid user killed his friend’s daughter

Audrey Allen, an 18-month old child, was killed by Joshua Allen Kruzik.
The little girl was murdered because she cried in the middle of the night. Joshua Allen Kruzik, an US marine, a friend of Audrey Allen’s parents, decided to spend weekends at their friends’ home. Before he came to them, he was at a local bar where he consumed much alcohol. He had to care about the little child, when she cried. But Joshua Allen Kruzik beat the little girl very cruelly. As a result, the baby got multiple serious head injuries. The little girl died at a local hospital.
David Kohn, the defense attorney for Joshua Allen Kruzik, confirmed that steroids were responsible for the aggression of his client. It was stated that the murderer administered anabolic steroids. Before the incident he attempted to discontinue applying these medications but he couldn’t do it. David Kohn affirmed that anabolic steroids caused “roid rage” in Joshua Allen Kruzik. He couldn’t not control his behavior and beat the little girl. According to the defense attorney, Kruzik was unconscious. However he confirmed that his client was ready to assume the total responsibility, he added that he was not guilty.
The victim’s parents also said that the murderer used anabolic steroids. The mother of the little girl affirmed that she had syringes at her home. Thus, she injected Kruzik with steroids, when he came. Certain other individuals also claimed that he took steroids.
It is strange that anabolic steroids are blamed in this case. Are these drugs responsible for the crime? Take in consideration that Kruzen has been drunk, when he has beat the baby!
It is not clear whether the juries will accept the steroid excuse.

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