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понедельник, 12 ноября 2012 г.

Risks associated with Tommy John surgery

High school athletes are ready to do a lot in order to enhance their muscles and improve performance. While several sportspersons try to enhance speed, baseball players put efforts in order to enhance throwing speed.
What do high school athletes really do for this purpose? As you know, a lot of sportspersons administer anabolic steroids in order to get muscles and enhance performance. But intake of steroids and other related products is not the only method which seems to be effective for several athletic needs. Certain high school athletes want to have the operation ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction which is also known as Tommy John surgery.
In fact, high school athletes don’t know about certain aspects connected with Tommy John surgery. They base their opinions on the case connected with the baseball player Tommy John that received UCL damage during a baseball game. After the damage he was very discouraged. Tommy John thought that didn’t have any chance more to play professional baseball. This man came to the surgeon Frank Jobe. The health care provider operated this person successfully. After the surgery the baseball player returned to baseball. Tommy John’s further career was quite successful. Tommy John won numerous games. So, this surgery was called after this person: Tommy John surgery.
When high school athletes learn about Tommy John, they desire to be as good players, as he was. They believe that the surgery promoted winning because this person won more games after the surgery than before. However high school athletes may suggest appropriately, they have some wrong conceptions about this operation. They believe that they may be operated in absence of any damage and improve their performance. But high school athletes don’t consider that nobody can come back to playing baseball soon after such surgery. Certain period of time is required to get recovery. Moreover, it is important to consider that some dangers linked with Tommy John surgery. They may experience permanently stiff elbow. Certain other risks are also associated with this operation.
So, high school athletes don’t understand the essence of this surgery properly. When they have elbow pains, they inform their doctors about this problem, trying to convince them they need to be subjected to Tommy John surgery.

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