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пятница, 23 ноября 2012 г.

Are steroids able to increase performance of tennis players?

Andy Murray, a British tennis player notes that tennis is not tainted by administration of anabolic steroids and other related products. He confirms that administration of performance-enhancing drugs doesn’t represent any problem in this sport. He claims that tennis is relatively clean. If you compare this sport to others, you can assure that it is free from doping, according to Andy Murray. But the tennis player knows that this sport is not entirely clean. This man admits that some tennis players apply forbidden substances as well.
If you take cycling as an example, you may notice that it is associated with allegations regarding doping by the prominent cyclist Lance Armstrong. Cycling commentators and journalists put efforts to manifest that doping reigns in other sports too. Thus, they try to direct attentions of people from cycling to others sports. They note that intake of steroids and other doping products is a problem not only in cycling. Tennis turned out to be pointed out by them quite frequently.
Andy Murray decided to respond to such critic words. He confirms that steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs don’t play any significant role in tennis. He mentions about differences between tennis and cycling.
According to the tennis player, while steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs benefit in cycling evidentially, these remedies can’t cause any essential changes in tennis players. This person considers that while power that is required in cycling can be acquired by doping, the skills that are needed in tennis can’t be perfected by steroids and other doping products.
In fact, similar arguments are utilized in other sports too. Baseball and basketball players also state that steroids don’t represent any serious problem in their sports because these substances don’t have ability to enhance performance in their sports.
But it is impossible to contest effects of steroids on performance of any sportsperson. Since these drugs can increase strength, speed and endurance, they have significant role in tennis and other sports.

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