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пятница, 30 ноября 2012 г.

Sports nutrition stores’ employees offer steroids for sale

Sports nutrition shops offer for sale not only true nutrition supplements. They market steroidal substances as dietary supplements and offer them for sale. But authorities put efforts to control and prevent sale of steroids as if they were true supplements. That’s why clerks of sports nutrition shops distribute steroids illegally. Those that come to such stores are often informed that they may buy steroids too.
 But these factors are known not only by consumers of steroids but also by police. So, law enforcements conduct undercover investigations in order to bust sports nutrition shops that offer steroids for sale. Clerks should comprehend that if a customer desires to obtain steroids, arranging a deal outside the store, he must be an undercover officer. That’s why those that are involved in illicit operations related to sale of steroids should be quite cautious to avoid legal troubles. Although they know about these factors, they make common mistakes which lead to arrests, charges and imprisonment.
Let take as an example a clerk of the General Nutrition Centers (GNC) store located in East Walpole (Massachusetts). George Touma sold steroids along with dietary supplements. When law enforcement officers were informed about illegal actions of this person, they began to conduct an investigation. The investigation lasted about a month and was conducted by The Walpole Police Department.
An undercover police officer came to the store often and purchased dietary supplements. He was talking to the clerk very frequently. Thus, a friendly relation was formed. Finally they discussed about anabolic steroids. The undercover officer said that he would like to purchase steroids. So, he agreed to buy two vials of steroids from George Touma. The agent had to pay $300 for the products. The deal was arranged outside the store. After the purchase had taken place police officers arrested the clerk.
As a result, George Touma was accused of illicit possession and distribution of anabolic steroids.

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