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вторник, 6 ноября 2012 г.

Strategies used to make war on steroids more successful

Timothy Armstrong of the World Health Organization claims that anabolic steroids are dangerous for public health. While these medicines are frequently administered by sportspeople, bodybuilders and ordinary persons for increase of muscles and energy, they may have negative influence on physical and mental health of consumers. Unfortunately, risks linked with these products are not taken seriously. Although numerous experts warn that these medications may cause grave undesirable results, many persons continue to apply them for athletic purposes.
Timothy Armstrong tries to protect public health. He has presented a speech about intake of steroids at a conference organized by the chairman of the International Olympic Committee Arne Ljungqvist. Thus, Timothy Armstrong helps to eradicate illicit administration of steroids.
As for Arne Ljungqvist, he tries to fight against administration of steroids in sports. According to the chairman of the International Olympic Committee, intake of steroids represents a moral problem. Those that apply doping products don’t compete fairly. They take unfair advantage over those who don’t take these drugs. So, they act inappropriately.
Of course, Arne Ljungqvist is happy that Timothy Armstrong is also against usage of steroids. He affirms that anti-doping agencies should work with the World Health Organization more closely. The united efforts will be capable to eliminate application of doping products from professional sports.
Timothy Armstrong claims that anti-doping agencies should have direct relations with law enforcements and customs officers. If they work together, their war on illegal deals linked with steroids and other controlled substances will be more efficacious. They should inform each other about individuals that have something to do with illegal medications. So, they will be able to reach their goals.

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