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воскресенье, 18 ноября 2012 г.

Role of steroids in NBA

The director general of the WADA David Howman states that the National Basketball Association (NBA) anti-doping policy is not sophisticated enough to detect those who take banned drugs. He claims that steroid testing conducted in the NBA is not appropriate. While the NFL and the MLB accepted additional tests, the NBA refused to do the same things.
Derrick Rose, a former basketball player, also said that a lot of NBA players applied steroids and other related preparations. This sport is not clean, according to the former basketball player. It is believed that David Howman’s opinion connected with application of steroids in the NBA is resulted from words pronounced by the former basketball player.
The NBA doesn’t desire to adopt its anti-doping policy to that of the WADA. The NBA officers affirm that steroids and other related medications don’t have ability to influence on games and make them unfair. They think that just natural abilities and workouts play role in the NBA. According to NBA officers, steroids and other doping products are not able to increase performance of basketball players. They consider that doping products don’t benefit this sport.
Do NBA officers have a correct opinion? Aren’t steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs capable to enhance performance of those who play basketball? What does the reality manifest? What does scientific literature note about effects of steroids and other related drugs?
Actually, everyone knows that steroids and some other drugs benefit in any sport. They just should be applied properly and accompanied by suitable meal and trainings. These products play great role in sports. It is impossible to doubt about effectiveness of steroids and other doping products in basketball. Affirmations of NBA officers are wrong.
Of course, any league wants to consider that their sport is not tainted. Nevertheless, it is important to see the reality. That’s why David Howman confirms that it is important to conduct more and more sophisticated steroid testing in order to catch those that take prohibited drugs.

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