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вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Avoid exceeding speed while having steroids in your car!

Certain bodybuilders are caught possessing anabolic steroids and other illegal medications because they make certain mistakes while possessing these preparations. For example, a bodybuilder intends to apply doping products. He finds a trustworthy online drug store and orders certain medications. Then he pays for these medicines. The products are shipped. The bodybuilder goes to a post office and takes the package that contains the medications which have been ordered by him. It seems to him that everything is successful. The package has not been intercepted. The drugs have not been seized. This man takes the drugs and goes home.
Undoubtedly, this man can’t wait until he arrives home to begin his cycle with these drugs. He desires to be at home, take the drugs and look in the mirror and see wanted results. Thinking about potential effects and improvement of appearance, this bodybuilder violates traffic rules. He exceeds speed because he wants to be at home sooner. Moreover, this man has another problem. He has a suspended driver’s license. When policemen see that he has violated any traffic rule, they stop him. The police officers learn that this man has a suspended driver’s license. They search the vehicle. So, the policemen find that this person possesses steroids and other illegal preparations. This person gets legal troubles. His hope doesn’t become real. He gets problems instead of wanted effects.
 Let take Michael Vazquez of Kenmore (New York) as an example. This person had a suspended driver’s license while violating traffic rules and possessing steroids. Thus, he got legitimate problems. Since he violated certain traffic laws, he was stopped by policemen that saw that he had a suspended driver’s license. When they searched this person’s car, they found that this person possessed steroids, needles and syringes.
So, if you possess steroids and/or other related medicines while driving your car, don’t make common mistakes! Don’t violate traffic rules! Don’t drive with a suspended driver’s license! Thus, you can avoid legal problems.

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