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воскресенье, 4 ноября 2012 г.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: current bodybuilders take very high doses of steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger applied anabolic steroids. These remedies helped him to have success. The prominent bodybuilder admitted that he succeeded because of these medications obviously. But he also confirmed that other competitive bodybuilders took these medicines too. He was aware of the fact that all top athletes and bodybuilders used anabolic steroids. If Arnold Schwarzenegger had not used performance-enhancing drugs, other bodybuilders would have had unfair advantage over him.
However the well-known bodybuilder admitted to intake of steroids, he never apologized. Intake of these medicines was not banned, when Arnold Schwarzenegger competed. Administration of steroids and other related preparations didn’t represent any problem in bodybuilding during that time.
Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he didn’t know about risks linked with intake of these drugs. But he also added that earlier bodybuilders didn’t take increased quantities like current bodybuilders.  That’s why it was not dangerous to administer these drugs.
Nowadays it is important to take in consideration that sportspeople and bodybuilders administer very enhanced dosages which may have negative impact on health. Intake of high dosages normally results in grave permanent undesirable results. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger is against usage of steroids for athletic purposes. Quantities which were applied by the prominent bodybuilder were lower by 20 times than those used by current bodybuilders. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger worked together with International Federation of Bodybuilders against usage of doping products in professional bodybuilding.

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