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среда, 21 ноября 2012 г.

ITF added some drug tests

David Howman expresses his attitude to anti-doping systems in certain sports organizations. While the director general of the WADA is happy with jobs of certain sports organizations, he claims that anti-doping policies in other leagues/teams are not appropriate.
For example, David Howman praises the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for its anti-doping policy. The director general of the WADA notes that anti-doping system is appropriate in tennis.
But as for the National Basketball Association (NBA), it doesn’t agree to adopt its anti-doping policy to that of the WADA. It doesn’t agree to add certain new drug tests in order to catch those that take steroids and/or other banned medications. That’s why David Howman confirms that the anti-doping system of the NBA is not good enough to catch those who dope. He states that the NBA should add more sophisticated new methods as well.
The director general of the WADA says that drug tests conducted in tennis have high quality. But there is a defect in tennis’ anti-doping policy. Numerous tests take place during competitions. But few tests are conducted out-of-competition. That’s why ITF’s anti-doping system is also criticized.
Undoubtedly, nobody can affirm that anti-doping policy of ITF is perfect. It has some lacks too. But it is quite adequate.
So, you should not think that tennis is clean from doping wholly. Certain tennis players probably apply steroids and/or related products. But it is not as tainted, as some other sports.
 Only one tennis player was banned for application of prohibited substances. However it seems to prove that tennis is not tainted, it is important to consider that there are some ways to avoid positives. As you probably know, the cyclist Lance Armstrong used steroids and other related drugs and avoided detection much time. Couldn’t tennis players dope and use the same methods?

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